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On Tuesday I studied worship all day long, I simply could not get away from it. I first read a chapter in a book by Steve Porter, that he had sent me about God calling us to himself in the night season. Then God had me study ‘singing to him a new song.’ Then he had me study ‘singing to our problems.’ I simply could not get away from studying worship.

I walked into another room to put some files away, I was talking to God and said ‘You really seem to be wanting people to worship you today, to come closer to you today, I feel you drawing people into worship.’

As soon as those words came out of my mouth, my computer dinged to let me know I had a new email. When I went back to my office to check my email I found two prophetic words from Pastor Dave Roberson…I was speechless, I know what God is saying, he is saying ‘come aside with me.’ Won’t you come?

Here are the two prophetic words from Pastor Dave….God is calling, will you come?

Come Away With Me

There are rooms of fellowship where He wants us to go. I could see Jesus beckoning, saying, “Come this way with Me. Come this way with Me. Come away with Me.” And there are places of intimacy and rooms of fellowship that He wants us to enter into personally, in our own lives, which is lifting our hands and getting alone with Him and saying, “I love You,” deciding to get alone with Him and say, “I love You” and spend time in worship, personally. And I can hear those words, “I am beckoning that you come away with Me into these rooms. I am asking you to come away with Me into these rooms. I am asking you personally to come away with Me into these places of intimacy, these realms of fellowship.” And they are available, but we have to decide to do it.

My Heart Longs for You

My heart longs for you, says the Lord. I long to fellowship with you. I desire and delight when you come to Me, when you choose the moments of your day to lift your voice and worship Me and say, “I love You, Daddy.”

I rejoice when I hear your voice begin to pray. I rejoice. It blesses Me. I receive from you when you give yourself to Me. You see, it is not just Me giving to you, but I receive from you, says the Lord. My heart is pleasured. My heart begins to leap. I rejoice over you with joy. I delight in you, says the Lord.

I am not a Father who is not touched with the feelings of your infirmity. I know how you feel, for My Son came in My Name, in My place that you might know that I can identify with you through His humanity, Him humbling Himself. He shares all those things with Me, says the Lord. I sensed all of those things. I feel all of your pain. I know exactly what it is to live as a man, for I created man, and then I sent My Son as a man that I might redeem My man.

I never desired that man would not know Me or be put away from Me, but the enemy came to try to deceive and to lead him astray, but I purposed in My heart that I will have My man, that I will redeem him, that I will bring him back unto Myself. So I set forth that plan, and I brought My man back, and it delights Me.

You see, I defeated the enemy. I defeated him and stripped him of his power. Legally, he deceived man, tried to take them forever so they couldn’t know the God that he once worshiped. He was jealous. He wanted that worship unto himself, but I said, “No,” because that is My creation, and that is My man. Because, you see, I am a jealous God, and I want you to worship Me and Me alone.

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