Yesterday I wrote to you about worship, and coming into the presence of God. I cannot stress to you how vital I think this is….RIGHT NOW. I do believe timing is very important and this is the time to come into God’s presence and remain there. The Shekinah glory is a glory that abides….we must find a place of ABIDING in God and find it now. Lay aside everything that would hinder or deter you…lay it aside now and come into God…into His very self…His presence.

I couldn’t even sleep last night for thinking about all this. When I awoke this morning I had a text from Kelita Deems, of the Rock Family Worship Center, she was sharing a word Pastor Dave had given the very night I couldn’t sleep for thinking about the urgency of drawing near to God. I want to share that word with you today, it is at the end of this, and I am asking Kelita to put it on our facebook page (facebook.com/anewthingministries) – if you can, listen to it – it is powerful and total confirmation of what I am hearing God say in this moment. I can’t even say ‘hour’ because it is literally in this moment.

God is calling…will you come?

WORDS from The Rock Family Worship
Word of the Lord to Rock Parkersburg 3.18.15 – Pastor Dave (after intense worship)

Holy Spirit we thank You for Your presence here. We thank You Father, we thank You Jesus. And now we ask You to breathe on this word. There is a very unusual Presence here….I don’t know what to do with it…..Jesus………(we wait)

I just hear the Spirit of the Lord saying – I am longing to do a work inside of you – for you see I’ve called and I’ve assembled you and I’m longing to manifest My nature in you and even a greater dimension than you have ever experienced before – BUT I need you to separate unto Me. I need you to draw nigh unto Me. I need you to draw nigh unto Me – I need you to seek Me with your whole hearts – you see, there are days and times coming on this earth that are going to be unlike anything you have ever seen before. This earth will truly reel to and fro – and the nations will be shaken. But, I am calling My people to Myself and I am gathering My body in close so that I may impart to My body an anointing. For yes, even this time – this end time – for there are days coming that if I told you – you would not believe it says the Lord. Days of Glory and Days of Chaos. Days of Reckoning. Days of Loosing and Binding.

There are days coming on this earth that I have longed for, that I have waited for and that all creation has groaned for. For you are a generation, says the Lord that is going to see and hear things that have not been seen or hear. And I’m telling you in advance – COME CLOSE TO ME! COME CLOSE TO MY HEART – CLIMB HIGHER into My Presence. Stay close to Me for I will keep you safe through this time and I’ll keep you safe in these days saith the Lord – when you stay close to Me. This is the time to gather under the Shadow of the Almighty – these are the days that have been prophesied and yes, even from my Prophet Joel – the days of end times and last days. So, gather closer – gather close to Me – For these are days that the earth has not seen or experienced before.

(Pastor Dave) – My guts are shaking right now. Very unusual. Stand back up with me and let’s pray – I didn’t come up here with this. There is a quaking inside of me that I do not experience very often like this – Lord Jesus!

Then Pastor told of a dream/vision by one of our leaders – DO NOT GET DISTRACTED FROM INTERCESSION BY “GOOD” THINGS. He saw a semi-truck and the people were in the back praying in intercession but got distracted and began to pray for each other, etc., and God says do not let even “good” things distract you from your call to intercession. God is pulling us in and intercession makes a way for the move of God. (The semi represented the vehicle God wants to use for this move and it is intercession)


Word of the Lord to Rock Waterford 3.18.15 – Pastor Deane

I am making my bride ready says the Spirit of the Lord, I am making you ready! For we have arrived to the days of the former and the latter rain, the days of great glory and great darkness. Days of separation, days of dedication. I’m calling you forth to come and receive from me sweet water says the Lord. Many will come and will be clouds without water, they will be stars removed from the sky and they will abide in darkness. But those who cling to Me, those who come deeper to me, will receive the crown of life! Do not look to the right or left but keep your eyes fixed straight ahead of you. For indeed keeping your gaze up on me you will find I will deliver you out of darkness into light, says the Spirit of the Lord. These are days where I’m calling you to be activated in Who you are! Days to walk as ambassadors for the kingdom of heaven! Merge the kingdom of God to the kingdom of heaven! Establish the earth as my footstool in the midst of the darkness of the world. Prepare, prepare, I’m coming! Prepare, prepare, the world, My creation needs salvation. Prepare to do the work ahead. Work with me, says the Lord and I will confirm my words through signs and wonders and bring you into a good place of destiny and blessing!