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I want to take a minute and say how thankful that I am for Kim Potter and A New Thing Ministries. Someone sent me one of her emails over 7 years ago, and I subscribed. Since then, I have been blessed, challenged, motivated, encouraged, and strengthened by her 5 days a week, for over 364 weeks. Kim came and spoke at our women’s conference and she has a powerful testimony and has proven the Word of God many times in her life. She carries the peace and presence of God. If you know someone who would benefit from her daily motivations, I encourage you to share them! Ask the Lord to direct you. I also became a partner with her ministry a few years back. She had blessed me and sown into me, I knew I had to give back to this woman of God. I have been blessed many times over and have blessings on their way, no doubt, in part, because of my partnership with her ministry.

One of my favorite partnership scriptures is found in Luke 5 – after the disciples had toiled all night and caught nothing, yet at the word of the Lord, they went out one more time and cast their nets on the other side – it goes something like this… – When they had done this, (cast their nets as Jesus said) they enclosed a great quantity of fish, and their nets began to break; 7 so they signaled to their partners in the other boat for them to come and help them. And they came and filled both of the boats, so that they began to sink. – Did you catch verse 7? SO THEY SIGNALED TO THEIR PARTNERS IN THE OTHER BOAT FOR THEM TO COME AND HELP THEM. The disciples caught enough fish for themselves AND enough to share with their partners! This excites me! For I know, as I partner with her, and she is blessed, I will be blessed as well. Not my motivation, but it is my benefit!

I encourage you today to pray for A New Thing Ministries as they are believing to do big things! If you need a speaker for your meetings, she is fabulous, but more importantly, humble and anointed. If you can partner with her monthly – Hallelujah. As her partner, and as her friend, I call her blessed, and I am thankful. Her ministry has changed my life with the seeds she has sown into me.

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