Continual – continuing indefinitely in time without interruption, recurring in steady, usually rapid succession.

I found myself sitting at my desk this morning, thinking about how very thankful I am for the job I have.

I love what I do. I love writing, I love encouraging, I love teaching the word of God. I am so very thankful for what I do daily.
As I was pondering on this thought, the Lord spoke to me and said, ‘did you think you would still be eating from that seed, over twenty-one years later?’

Humbled, I said ‘no, Lord, I did not.’

Yet here I am, harvesting and eating from the seed I sowed in a meeting over twenty years ago. I don’t remember what the preaching was that night, all I know is that I had been praying and asking God for a job that would empower me to spend as much time with God as I wanted to. A job that would allow me to work with the word of God daily, that was the cry of my heart.

That night, the Lord led me to sow a seed for that prayer request. I did. It took a few months but that seed matured and came to fruition, I am still harvesting that seed today, over twenty years later. My friends, that is the God we serve, He is the Lord of our harvest!

As I sat here this morning, talking to the Lord, He said to me that it was a continual seed. So, I looked up the word, knowing what it meant, but needing to revisit it today.

Continual means continuing indefinitely in time without interruption, recurring in steady, usually rapid succession.

Even as I write this today, this continual seed I sowed so many years ago still excites me. It is a seed that has continued in time without interruption…but I love what it says next…recurring in STEADY and usually RAPID succession.

This means, as the days pass, my seed will continue to produce a harvest without interruption, steady and even rapidly…I can expect growth from this seed, steady growth and rapid growth…wow, I just love that, don’t you?

This is what the Lord put on my heart to share with you today.

As you sow your seed, wherever you sow it, this month, we are praying and believing with you for an anointing to be on that seed, an anointing of continual seed growth and harvest. We declare that seed will produce a continual harvest, just as mine did, God is no respecter of persons. We are declaring your seed will not only produce a continual harvest but it will bring forth steady increase and rapid growth…in Jesus name. May the Lord of the Harvest anoint your seed as a continual seed today, in Jesus name.

Partners, you are in covenant with this ministry, you have a covenantal right to the same harvest I do. Stand in agreement with me that YOUR seed will be a continual seed, producing a harvest that is uninterrupted, with steady increase and rapid growth. Amen? Amen!

Prayer for Today: Father, I bless their seed in Jesus name, I ask you to bless it and cause it to be a continual seed today, one that will produce a harvest without interruption, steady and strong, rapid and increasing day after day. This I ask in Jesus name. Amen.