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I was talking with a friend today. We began to talk about finances and giving and he shared a story with me. He shared how he had started tithing a specific amount several years ago. He shared how after he began tithing that amount that things in his business started going really well. He said things got better and better. He was able to pay off debt and do some things he had wanted to do. Then things began to change, yet he continued tithing. He then spoke to a person he trusted for counsel and this person said to him ‘who told you that you had to tithe or give?’ He instructed him to stop this tithing practice until he was more lucrative. My friend ceased tithing.

My friend said this really messed up his mindset on tithing and giving. Things in his life, financially, became worse and worse.

I shared with him a story of my own. You see, years ago I worked for a ministry. I did not make enough money to make ends meet. I sought the Lord about this problem. He answered me and told me to tithe off what I wanted to have come in each month. I began to do that, it was a real stretch of faith for me, but I did it. I tithed this way for seven years. I tithed off what I needed instead of what I had. This is what the Lord led ME to do, it may not be for anyone else.

That time in my life was over 20 years ago, and still today there are times that I will seek God about a need for the ministry or myself and He will instruct me to tithe off what I need, as I do that, and let patience have its work, the money comes through.

The words that were spoken to my friend are not new words…who told you that? I believe that is the same thing the serpent said to Eve…who told you that you could not eat of that tree?

I don’t know why man would dare tell us to do something or not do something if it goes against the word of God…but they do. This instruction had very bad effects for my friend. As things often do if they go against the word of God.

2 Timothy 3:14 says; You, however, continue in the things you have learned and become convinced of, knowing from whom you have learned them.

We simply must keep doing what we know to do, even when and especially when things are tough. When money is tight is the wrong time to stop giving and tithing – it is the most important time to keep giving and tithing because it keeps that link to the blessing of God wide open. God can do amazing things with whatever we give, but we have to first give him the chance.

Years ago, my daughter, Breanne, struggled with tithing. She would tithe every now and then, God did not bless that, she continually had financial issues. When she began tithing consistently and first…before she paid her bills…God has continually come through for her. Yes she has challenges but she continues to tithe and God continues to bless her. I have been so blessed to see this take place in her life.

But it was her decision. I couldn’t make her do it, God couldn’t make her do it, she had to come to a place where she was going to trust God and His word and obey what it said, even when it was hard, and even when she felt she couldn’t afford to give. Once she did that the word worked for her.

I know it is tough to tithe and give when things are tight, I live the same way all of you do. I live month to month and day by day. But I know the truth and the truth is if I do things God’s way he will take care of me. He will make sure I have what I need and most of what I want. He is good to me….too good. However, I am good to him as well. I give him my love, my life, my devotion AND my money. The word works on my behalf as well.

Listen, friends, if you are ever going to walk in the blessings of God you will have to trust him with everything, including your money. For many it is the most difficult thing to trust him with. Don’t listen to people, not even me, read what the word of God says about your money – seek God about it and do what He says. He will never lead you wrong. He will, however, lead you out into an abundant place – it’s His word – and His word never lies.