I was listening to a minister the other day and he spoke about a time when he had a debt that was in the millions of dollars – and it kept growing each month.  He prayed and prayed over it and it just kept getting worse.  One day the Lord spoke to him and told him that he was the problem.

Don’t we all love to hear that?

God told him that he was the problem, specifically, his attitude, his countenance, he had even allowed murmuring about the situation, and he had not been grateful for what he could pay.  Ouch!  This struck a chord with me because I have a situation I have been praying about for months.  I grabbed my notebook and began to take notes.  He shared with the audience how God told him that if he would change, the situation would change.  He did and it did.  The debt was paid in full and has not been a concern for several years now even though it is an ongoing cost of running the ministry.

Let’s look at the things God pointed out as his problem.

  1. His attitude. Did you realize when you are in distress, your attitude will show?  We will easily see if we trust God completely or not. If we are speaking the word and claiming His promises but in a bad mood about it all the time, our doubt is showing.
  2. His countenance. Oh my!  I have seen so many Christians who say they believe God but the look on their face tells the real story.  The way the carry themselves when they walk will tell the story too.  Your countenance should be pure contentment if you are fully trusting God – you should have a look of peace on your face.
  3. Murmuring. Complaining and saying things contrary to God’s word – questioning God.  Murmur is defined as a muttered complaint, grumbling.
  4. Failing to be thankful for what he could do. This one hit home for me too – I sometimes get caught up in what I need to happen and I fail to be thankful for all the wonderful things God has done in my life and in the life of this ministry.

Being thankful is very important!  He took a ministry that began with 123 readers and in less than two years grew us to thousands of readers per day.  He gives me a fresh word to teach His people each day – I have so much to be thankful for.  If I am continuing to be thankful then it will be much less likely that I will grumble and complain.  It’s hard to murmur when you are being thankful.

And if I am thankful for all the wonderful things God has done for me and my family, my countenance will show it.  Consequently, my attitude will change.

I know we all have challenges; there is no way around that.  But there is a way to make sure they don’t last longer than they have to.

The other day I had some disturbing news.  I let that news affect me for hours.  I started to think “This is not a good day.”  Then Breanne put something on Facebook that changed my entire perspective.  It said, Is it really a bad day, or is it just a bad five minutes that you have milked all day?”  That statement pulled me out of that attitude and gave me a new perspective.

Consequently, I have thought of that statement numerous times since I read it and have determined that a bad five minutes won’t turn into a bad day because I refuse to milk it and give it my attention.

There is a way to go through hard seasons with a good attitude and a heart of thankfulness to God.  That way – is God’s way – and it is a shorter route.

Remember the children of Israel, what should have been a short journey ended up being a lifetime of challenges.

Their attitude was bad.  They were constantly complaining.  They doubted God and spoke of that doubt.  It also showed on their face.  Neither were they thankful for all the marvelous things God had done for them.

God desires for you to enter and dwell in the Kingdom of God and all its provision.  Today, I want you to check your life and your heart and see if there is anything you are doing to delay that process.  Check it often.

I want to be like this minister I heard, where I come to a place of harvest and there is nothing in my life that causes me great concern – don’t you?  Then let’s take the words God gave him and apply them to our own lives today – then we will see the provision, healing, protection of our God on a continual basis.

I will leave you with this one note.  He said once God had shown him these things, he began with repentance – as did I.  If you have done one or all of these things, begin with repentance and then allow God to turn it all for your good.  Don’t condemn yourself, simply move forward into the land flowing with milk and honey.

Meditate on this!

“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His love endures forever. Give thanks to the God of gods. His love endures forever.  Give thanks to the Lord of lords: His love endures forever.”   Psalm 136:1-3