“Now, what about you???” These words are what the Lord whispered to me one morning during my prayer time.

I had finished the weekly, audio partner prayer. I had prayed over my family. I prayed over the ministry. I prayed for friends I knew where dealing with challenges. Just as I was finishing praying over every situation I could think of, the Lord placed this question before me… “now, what about you?”

This was not the first time God has spoken to me about this very thing. Praying for myself. He reminded me of the instructions they give you when on an airplane. If there is trouble, make sure to put on your oxygen mask first. You cannot help anyone until you make sure you are taken care of.

It was early last year when God first began to tell me to, “pray for myself first.” When He first spoke this to me, I began to ponder my prayer life. My prayer life mainly consisted of the following: my daughter and her children and family, my mom and sisters and their families, friends, the ministry, our partners and their families.

After thinking about this I realized that I pray about the ministry finances, but I do not often pray about my own. If I have a need, I sow a seed. Or I begin to save money for the need. What I do not often do is pray and ask God for personal money.

Today I wanted to ask you to take a moment and look at your prayer life. What is your main focus – what are you pressing toward? I would imagine if you were a parent, your children may be your focus. For others, perhaps it’s your job or ministry.

How about you? Do you pray for yourself first? Do you pray for your finances? For your healing?

I am not talking about being selfish. Quite the contrary, I believe it is vital we cover everyone around us in prayer. I also believe it is vital we pray for our pastors and those in authority. However, I also see the importance of praying for ourselves first. I see the wisdom of making sure that you, first, are spiritually, physically and financially covered in prayer. Taking care of ourselves in prayer is taking care of others. When you do this, you become spiritually strong enough to stand in faith for those around you.

In business, business owners are told to pay themselves first. It is said when they do, they accomplish three things; they establish a priority, encourage sound financial habits, and create a buffer against the world.

I believe the same thing happens when you pray for yourself first. You also accomplish three things; you establish your walk, your life with God and His Word as priority in your life. Secondly, you create sound, biblical, and spiritual habits. And finally, you too, create a buffer against the world and whatever it may bring.

When you spend time daily with God, when you pray over your personal life with God, your personal finances, your personal health, you are building something. His Word concerning you becomes the priority in your life. Therefore, when you hear or feel something that is opposite of His truth, your strong stand of faith will be ready to combat and win the battle.

As you create habits of putting God first in your personal life, it is a habit that will pay astounding dividends in the days to come.

Finally, you are creating a strong wall around you of God’s Word that will empower you to stand firm in your faith. You are creating a fortified wall about yourself.

Today, in your time with God, include yourself. Do not leave yourself out. Pray for yourself first. In doing so, you are taking care of yourself and those around you. You are important, make sure to cover yourself in prayer, every single day.