Who, with reason, despises the day of small things or small beginnings? Zechariah 4:10

This scripture came to mind a few days ago when Breanne and I were having a conversation about the ministry.

She began reminiscing about our small beginning, she didn’t call it that, but it certainly was that. Her words took me back to a precious time in my life and I was so happy to revisit it.

Many of you may not know our beginning…let me share a bit with you today.

Our online writings began as a Monday Motivation. I wrote one teaching per week and frankly it took me all week to do it. It’s funny looking back now. I remember the week I began getting emails asking me to do more writings each week. I thought ‘oh my word, I don’t think I can do that, it takes me all week to get one together.’ However, I sought the Lord and He equipped me and propelled me forward. We began releasing five writings per week.

At that time, it was just Breanne and I. There were no donations, I paid for all the expenses. There were certainly no salaries. One day, someone emailed me and said, ‘can I give to this ministry, it has blessed me so.’ Again, I was flabbergasted.

Again, I sought the Lord and talked with a friend who was an accountant. After much seeking, I applied and received a 501c3.

We were up and running! Our ministry brought in, maybe, $300 a month. It’s too funny to think about now, but we loved it. Either Breanne or I did everything that needed to be done, Breanne did all data entry. She can laugh about it now, but she told me that back then, she wanted to sit down and cry. She shared with me how I would write a teaching about even if you give just a dollar to God, He will bless it. And she would get all these donations for $1 each and it would take her hours to put them in, one at a time.

She shared with me how she kept telling herself ‘this is what we have to do to get going, just keep moving.’ God BLESS Breanne for sticking with me during the hard and lean times!

In those days, when I would go out of town to speak at another church or a conference, there was no one to do the work at our office, or answer the phones while we were away, it was all waiting on us when we returned. Looking back, I imagine that is the reason neither of us have been on vacation in years.

As we reminisced we thanked God for our partners, many of you have been with us from the beginning. We thank God for you and we daily seek God on how we could give more to you…please know you are precious to us, you are daily in our hearts and prayers and we speak of you often.

Some would have given up with what we have walked through. It was during the time of building the ministry that my Dad died, then Jesse and my sister. It was during that time my business failed. It was during that time we had the battle with Bryson. It was during that span of time that battle after battle came our way, but we continued forward. God is faithful and He has proven His faithfulness to us.

God once spoke something profound to me, He said ‘those who fight with you will feast with you.’

In the beginning, there were many fighting with us, however, sadly, as the battles raged on, the numbers dropped until it was down to a few. I thank God for those few. I thank God for the promise that those who fought with me, will feast with me.

I believe we have come to a time of feasting…no, I don’t see it yet, but I ‘hear’ it coming, I hear the sound of abundance for us and for you. I sense it with every fiber of my being. Partners, those of you who have fought with us, thank you, and you WILL feast with us. Of that you can be assured.

I feel there are some of you today who are in your small beginning. To that I say, ‘don’t despise it’ instead rejoice in it. God is faithful and if you are faithful to Him, He will take you places you only dreamed of. You already know it in your heart, spread your wings and take flight. It’s time to trust and step out in faith and move forward.

Personally, I am beyond thankful for our small beginning and I know we are not where God wants us to be just yet, but we are moving forward. We are pressing forward and upward to the high call of God in Christ Jesus and we will continue to do so.

Thank you for being a part of this ministry. We love and appreciate you. I realize this was not a teaching, but more of a sharing of my heart…thank you for listening. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Kim Potter

The anointing is greater than any adversity that comes your way.

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