Scripture paints a vivid picture of the love of God and how he cares for His children – it was one of the first things I discovered. God is good, all the time. However, the truth remains, if we walk with God for any amount of time, things will happen we simply do not understand.

  • Unanswered prayer
  • Suffering abuse or pain
  • Illness
  • Loss of Loved One
  • Financial difficulty

Often when these things happen, we begin to question God. When we don’t get the answers that satisfy us, we become disappointed. Disappointment, if left unchecked, is dangerous. I once read the following statement: anything unresolved for a twenty-four-hour period will take root. Think about that for a moment, if we don’t deal with the disappointments in life for over twenty-four hours, disappointment begins to take root in our heart and mind.

Disappointment is defined as failing to meet the hope or expectation of. To hinder from possession of what was intended, desired, hoped or expected.

One of the greatest conflicts and hindrances to the flow of blessings and miracles in our lives is unresolved hurt from past disappointment.

The problem is no one really talks about disappointment. In the church, we don’t really want to admit we are facing disappointment. We keep our church face on and keep talking faith. Many times, if Christians want to confide in a friend, concerning their disappointment, they will be criticized by other Christians. That’s not right. We all face disappointment whether we admit it or not. We do not need to deny we are facing disappointment; we simply need to deny its right to remain in our heart.

If we fail to deal with disappointment, it will eventually open the door to unbelief. Unbelief partners with demonic forces. We can’t allow the spirit of unbelief to have access in our life and it gains access through disappointment. Additionally, it’s almost impossible to hear God clearly when you have unresolved disappointment.

Proverbs 13:12 says, Hope deferred makes the heart sick. The Message Bible says it like this; Unrelenting disappointment makes the heart sick.

This scripture is not talking to those who take one hit and decide to give up. It is talking to those who have taken hit after hit, attack after attack, and continued to stand in faith to the best of their ability. Then another hit comes, and they can no longer stand. When that happens, disappointment can set in. If it is allowed to remain, it will become the lens through which we view all things.

So, what do we do? We deal with the disappointment. We acknowledge it is there and refuse to allow it to remain. We get before God until our mind is back on the promises of God and His faithfulness.

Psalm 27:13 is one of my favorite scriptures. It says, I would have lost heart, if I had not believed I would see the goodness of God in the land of the living. We must continue to believe we will see the goodness of God in the land of the living.

The promises of God reveal his heart. He has a good plan for us. We must believe that and hold fast to that truth. What we believe affects our heart and attitude. If we feed ourselves on what God hasn’t done, it creates a place of offense at God as well as a place of unbelief. Additionally, in times of disappointment we become vulnerable to spiritual and physical disease. The Bible says it makes us heart sick and if our heart is sick, it will affect us spiritually and physically.

God is looking for those who will continue to trust Him, no matter what. Those who will trust Him when we don’t understand what we are walking through. Those who will continue to believe He is a good God, and we will see the goodness of God being poured out in our lives. Therefore, we must deal with disappointment the moment it rears its ugly head. Don’t allow it to take root. Refuse to allow it to remain. The enemy wants you crushed and disappointed, but God wants you to continue to trust in His faithfulness and His goodness. In His love for you.

God has a way of taking your greatest loss, your greatest disappointment, the very thing the enemy meant to destroy your faith and make it your greatest strength. How do I know? Because the scripture concerning disappointment doesn’t end there. It goes on to say, “But when the desire comes, it is the tree of life.”

We all have times when disappointment attempts to take hold. We have all walked through things we don’t understand and in which no reason would satisfy us. Many of us have experienced unrelenting disappointments, ones that seemed would never end. It’s time to be honest and allow God to heal you and remove every root of disappointment in your life. It’s time to be restored to life. That’s God’s plan for you, will you lay hold of it today?