imagesA little over a week ago I went through a rough couple weeks. I had an infection that caused a tremendous amount of pain. I couldn’t eat and I couldn’t talk without pain. It was a hard time, to say the least, but God brought me through.

When we go through something challenging, it often leaves things in our mind and even in our body. If those things are allowed to remain, they can cause lasting damage and even change the way you perceive God and His word.

What am I talking about? I am talking about disappointment, fear and unbelief. I am talking about resentment and offense as well.

The first morning that I was able to get up and endure the pain and eat, I was thankful, but hesitant. A few hours later I heard the Lord speak one word to me… ‘detox.’ I knew instantly what He was saying to me. I knew He was saying I needed to get the pain and disappointment of that challenge out of my mind and out of my heart.

Detox is defined as, to rid the body of something toxic or unhealthy. Toxic is defined as, containing or being poisonous and capable of causing death or debilitation.

God was saying to me; ‘there are some thoughts that got into you during this time that are toxic and unhealthy for your walk with me, you must remove them for they are toxic. If you don’t remove them, they are capable of hindering or stopping you.’

I have seen this in many people. They go through challenging times and it changes them. It changes how they believe. They allow bitterness and disappointment to come in and remain, not realizing that it is poison to their faith in God. It becomes toxic and literally stops them from moving forward. I certainly did not want that to happen to me.

What did I do? I spent a couple days in the presence of the Lord, reminding myself of His faithfulness. I renewed my mind with the word of God.

I made a decision a long time ago that the word of God would be the final say in my life and for me, it is settled. Therefore when I walk through something that challenges that decision, I have to work to keep it intact.

I am reminded of when a close friend died of cancer last year. I was with her for several days, watching this happen. It had an effect on me that I did not expect and was not prepared for. Days after her funeral, I could feel the despair and disappointment in me. I knew I couldn’t allow it to stay or it would change how I saw things and how I prayed for people.

The Lord led me to get every book I could put my hands on where people had been healed of cancer and read them. I read and read and read, until the truth of God’s word and who His is and what He does was bigger inside of me than what I had witnessed with my friend. If I had not done that, my hope in healing would have taken a tremendous blow.

We simply can’t allow those things to overtake us, if we do they create a dark place in us. And if we allow it to continue, we will find darkness surrounding us. There are no answers, or hope in the darkness. The hope, the answers, the healing we seek is in the light and we must stay in the light, in our heart and in our mind.

Luke 11:36 says; “If thy whole body therefore be full of light, having no part dark, the whole shall be full of light, as when the bright shining of a candle doth give thee light.”

It is my decision to have ‘no part dark’ in my heart or in my mind. I choose to walk in the light, but to do that, I must continually keep darkness out by replacing it with the truth of God’s word and God’s presence.

Friends, our God is faithful. No matter how it looks. No matter how we feel. No matter what we are walking through, never question this truth; our God is faithful. Let nothing else rule and reign in you….Our God is Faithful.