As I sat watching the flames dancing across the logs, my mind drifted back to the past several years.

For some reason I began to think about the things that God has brought me through.  There have been many.  While I am so very thankful that God brought me through those things, I would have preferred to avoid them altogether.  Wouldn’t we all?

In life there are times when God delivers us out of a situation.  Those are glorious.  However, there are more times, at least in my experience, that He walks us through situations.

At times when God does not deliver us from a situation, disappointment comes.  It comes and it tries to cling to us and cause us to see God in a different light.

Perhaps, we have prayed and cried out to God for deliverance, yet we hear nothing.  It seems no matter how much we pray, we are continuing to walk through it.  I have been there.  I have faced those times of disappointment.

I am not talking about small disappointments.  I am not talking about things you hoped would happen but didn’t.  I am talking about those things you prayed and stood in faith for.  You stood firm on God’s word and it did not turn out the way you declared or believed it would.  It didn’t even appear to be God’s will or His word coming to pass.  Those times can be hard times.

Proverbs 13:12 says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick.”

I have heard and read this scripture many times.  I have also became intimately acquainted with hope deferred.

To get a clearer picture of this scripture, let’s look at the Message Bible.

Unrelenting disappointment makes the heart sick. 

For me, I had several years of just that…unrelenting disappointment.

Year after year.  Challenge after challenge.  Attack after attack.  The unrelenting disappointment would not let up.  It seemed to go on and on.  Yet, God remained faithful through it all.  He never left me.  He walked with me, all the way.

Through those long years, God taught me a great deal about disappointment.  He showed me how it can affect your heart and your soul.  He taught me the importance of not allowing disappointment to remain in your heart.

He taught me that you can’t afford to see His word and His promises through the lens of disappointment.  It will change your perception of His faithfulness.

He also taught me that disappointment breeds unbelief.  Unbelief will stop you from receiving your promise…if it is not dealt with.

During times like these, we must grab onto the Word of God and hold tight.  We must find our life scripture.  One that will bring life in the midst of darkness.  Mine was found in Psalm 27.

I would have lost heart, if I had not believed I would see the goodness of God in the land of the living.

I clung to this wonderful scripture so that the disappointment would not cling to me.

I am thankful beyond words that God brought me through those times.  But even more than that, I am thankful for all He taught me in that season.

I don’t know where you find yourself today.  Perhaps you too are in a place of unrelenting disappointment.  If so, know this, God will bring you through.  He will not leave you nor forsake you.  Cling to Him, do not allow disappointment to change the way you perceive God.  Don’t allow it to change the truth that He is faithful.  Do not allow it to distort your perception of His Word.  Losing sight of God’s faithfulness is the enemy’s plan for you.  BUT Gods plan is to bring you out to complete and utter victory.  And He will.

Walking through disappointment is something we all go through.  There is no way around it.  Learning how to continue to trust God in the midst of it, will become a valuable lesson learned.  Cling to God and His Word.  As you do, disappointment will not be able to cling to you. You will see clearly, not through the lens of disappointment, but through the lens of faith in God and in His love for you.

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