Bryson, my grandson, is not much of a hugger, at least not with most people. He always hugs me, his mom, his sister, and Brandon. However, outside of that, he usually just says ‘hello’ when we see family and friends. With one exception.

I have an aunt, Judy, she loves Bryson and he loves her. I don’t really know why, they don’t see each other very much but when they do, they greet each other differently from any of my other family.
My Aunt Judy, when she sees Bryson, throws both arms out and he runs into her arms and hugs her tightly. It does not matter where they are or who is around, this is their greeting. It is really an amazing thing to watch since I know both of them.

One day, Bryson and I went to the yogurt shop. I stayed in the vehicle while he ran in. While he was walking in, I saw my Aunt Judy was in there, sure enough, she threw both arms out wide and he ran into them. I just smiled. He got back in the vehicle and said ‘Aunt Judy was in there.’ I said ‘yes, I see that.’

I mentioned this to Breanne later and we talked about how they greet one another. Breanne said ‘He is simply responding to what is given to him.’ I said ‘that’s true.’

I thought about that statement a lot. I realize we all simply respond to what is offered to us. Whether good or bad, that is often the case. You know, if someone is in a bad mood, even if you are in a good mood, if you are around them long enough you will begin to complain with them, have you ever noticed that?

Or if you are sad and you come across a bubbly person, often it will pick you up and cheer you up.
I see people respond to other people all the time, and I am sure you do as well. But how do you handle it if someone is ugly to you and you don’t want to be a part of it? The Bible says in Proverbs 15:1; a soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. The Bible is truth, if it says it, it is the truth. If someone speaks ugly or in anger to you, if you can take a deep breath and give a soft answer, it will most often turn away wrath. On the other hand if you speak to them in the same manner they have spoken to you, it will only stir up their anger and cause the situation to be even worse.

I have had this happen recently. I would be in a conversation with a person who is speaking ugly to me, and I decided to practice what the word said. I took a deep breath and addressed the situation, not with hateful words, but calmly and softly. It did diffuse the situation. However, had I chosen to yell and say ‘don’t you talk to me like that!!!’ it would have only made matters worse. A soft answer is what is required.

The Bible says to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. I see this in Aunt Judy and Bryson. They greet each other with love and hugs. We too need to practice treating others the way we would like to be treated. I know this sounds like a teaching for children, but it only takes a moment to look around and see how people are talking to one another or treating one another to know this is something many of us still haven’t mastered. The Bible tells us to speak kindly to one another, not harshly, not in a hateful tone of voice, but with love and kindness.

I want to please the Lord in all things, therefore I purpose in my heart to treat other as I would like to be treated and as the Lord would have me treat them, how about you?

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