I was studying a couple weeks ago and heard this in my spirit… “To manifest a promise, faith needs three things.”

What could faith possibly need?

  • It needs a seed.
  • It needs confession.
  • It needs action.

Let’s look first at the seed.

Luke 8:11 says, “the seed is the Word of God.”

Many people treat Gods Word like a microwave, but it doesn’t work that way.  It is a seed.  It takes time to grow and mature.  It takes time to see the manifestation of that seed.  However, it all begins with a seed, which is the Word of God.

Therefore, it is up to us when we have a need to dig into the Word of God and find our seed.

If you need healing, find healing scriptures.  If you need increase in your money, find scriptures about finances.  If you need family restoration scriptures, find scriptures to cover that. I assure you, whatever you have need of, you can find a scripture to cover it.

Keep this in mind.  What you are asking God for, must line up with His Word.  You can’t pray for something that goes against the Word of God and expect to get it.  It just doesn’t work that way.  Therefore, first, plant your seed (God’s Word).

Next faith needs confession.  Proverbs 18:21 says, “Life and death are in the power of the tongue and those who love it will eat its fruit.”

This works in every area of our life.  We must believe the scripture, the seed of the Word of God, and then we must speak it out of our mouth.  Therefore, after you have your seed.  After you have prayed and sown that seed…confess what the scripture says is yours.  Not just one time, continue to confess it until you see it manifest in your life.  Don’t stop until you see the fulness of what God has promised.

Now, for the third thing faith needs. James 2 says, “Faith without works is dead.  Dead faith will produce nothing.  You must put action to what you believe.”

Faith requires action.

If I believe God’s Word is true concerning money, then I must do what the Word says concerning money. The same with healing or any other area of our life.

I have a friend who needed healing in her body. She found scripture for what she needed. She began to sow that Word. She confessed with her mouth what she wanted to see come to pass.  She did this for months. However, she was still weak in her body.  Then she put action to that seed and confession. She found out what she needed to do physically to promote healing in her body and she began to do that. With those three things in motion, she began to see progress in her body that is astounding. Seed, confession, and action, all working together, has brought her manifestation.

Friends, faith needs three things to manifest your promise. Seed, which is the Word of God.  Confession, which is the words of your mouth. And action. All these three working together will produce awesome results. I encourage you to put faith in motion today with seed, confession, and action – you will be so glad you did.