Yesterday morning I woke up thinking about something I had been praying about for several years.  Something that I have stood in faith about for over 10 plus years.  It is something that is vital to my well-being and something I have refused to give up on.

Once or twice I have questioned if I heard from God right.  This morning was one of those times.  I don’t feel it is a sin to question.  God says ‘come let us reason together.’  I believe God wants me to come to him with my questions and concerns.  I think when it gets out of order is when I doubt what God has said.  I wasn’t in doubt, I was simply asking ‘okay God is that what you told me to stand in faith for or do I need to go another way?’

I didn’t hear anything, no answer to my question.  Therefore I said ‘God, I just need to hear a fresh word on this, if this is where you want me to continue to stand.

I turned on my computer and this is the first thing I saw.  It is from Elaine Tavolacci.

You have been standing on My word, believing for something for a long time. Don’t give up now. You have been faithful through difficult times, and stood steadfast through the fiery trials. Don’t retreat, for I am right at the door. Don’t be disillusioned to believe the lies of the enemy. As you stand your ground, you will come back stronger than you were before. Surrender yourself to Me and allow Me to fill you once again with My fresh oil. Do not be afraid of the darkness, for you will surely see My Glory accelerate beyond what you have ever known. Do not become stagnant but trust Me and know that I will do all that I have promised. Protect that which I have given to you and the precious oil that has been entrusted to you. As you submit yourselves to Me once again, you will no longer suffer from this spiritual famine, but you will be filled to overflowing with fresh oil says the Lord.

I am sure many of you find yourself in the same boat.  God gave you a promise or showed you a business or family you would have…years ago.  However you have not seen the manifestation of that promise yet.  And perhaps, like me, you asked God if you heard right…if you should keep going in the same direction or should you go another way.  If so, perhaps, like he showed me today; You have been standing on My word, believing for something for a long time. Don’t give up now.

Frankly for me, it has been so many years that the temptation to give up has come before, but never like it has of late.  That tells me that it must be close.

I do not believe God can lie.  Nor do I believe God would make me a promise and ‘take it back.’  I do believe I could hear God wrong, for that reason I asked him today to show me again if I had heard right and I felt he did.

Two things made me feel God was confirming his promise to me.  First that she said ‘you have been believing for something for a long time.’  And secondly that he said ‘I am right at the door.’  You see, a few years ago God spoke something to me about being ‘right at the door.’

I am so thankful that God doesn’t get mad at us or even aggravated when we ask a question.  I am glad and thankful that he continues to be a wonderful Father to me and simply gives me the answer and assurance I need.  I thank you God for that.

I wanted to take a moment and encourage you today just as I have been encouraged.  If you have believed for something for a long time, don’t give up now, he is right at the door.  Believe that and expect your manifestation.  I know I am.