We were driving to a near-by city to pick up a water slide for Bryson’s birthday. I was the passenger that day as we drove along the road. I was looking out the window, enjoying the ride when I noticed a sign as we drove, it said ‘work ahead.’ road-work-ahead-sign-x-w20-1-a

We drove another mile or so and I saw another sign. It said ‘road work ahead.’ We continued to drive, and at the same speed, I might add. A little further down the road I saw yet another sign, it said ‘flagman ahead.’ We drove on. The final sign said ‘prepare to stop.’ We weren’t talking, we were just enjoying the ride when we went around the next curve and came upon a flagman. Breanne quickly braked and said ‘well, that’s nice, no warning at all!’ I said ‘are you kidding? There were several signs for the past few miles letting us know this was ahead!’ She said ‘I didn’t see them, I had my mind on something else.’

Immediately the Lord spoke clearly to me and said ‘many will NOT see the signs.’

I pondered this statement for a couple of days and then I received an email from one of our partners.

She was telling me about a sign the Lord showed her. She knew it was her sign and she knew it was from the Lord.

Her particular sign would not have meant anything to me, just as mine wouldn’t have spoken to her. We each have our own sign. Or set of signs. I believe God allowed this thing to happen along our drive that day so I could warn people to slow down and watch for the signs. Don’t be one of those who will miss the signs. They are there.

I also believe the email from our partner was another sign, at least for me. Within her sharing her sign with me, she made a statement that deeply ministered to me and I immediately knew it was yet, another sign, for me.

Psalm 74:9 says; “We do not see our signs; There is no longer any prophet; Nor is there any among us who knows how long.”

I came across this scripture as I was studying signs in the Bible. I was surprised at how many times throughout scriptures God used signs, He is God, He changes not, He still uses signs and He uses those that will speak to us. Even in the Bible we see that there are times we simply do NOT see the signs.

Don’t be one of those who doesn’t see the signs God is clearly giving you.

A sign is defined in the Bible as; a banner, a remembrance, a miraculous sign, a warning, a token or proof. Additionally it comes from a root word that means to give consent or to agree.

You see, we must watch for these signs and then come into agreement with them that they are from God and something directing our steps or our faith, whatever the case may be. Our agreement is required.

Why? Just like the drive that day, many people will see the signs and ignore them OR they will not even see the signs at all because their focus is elsewhere. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we have a mind that is stayed upon God. Now, more than ever it is important to keep our focus on God, His word and His voice. If we have our mind on God, we will not miss our signs.

Friends, I encourage you today, watch for and listen for your signs. They are there! I know they are. God is speaking, listen closely for His voice. Watch for your signs, they will be different than mine but they will be there. And the more you pay attention to His signs, the more signs there will be. They are proof of what He is doing in your life – watch for them and agree with Gods plan to bless you!

Amen! Amen. I will leave you with this final scripture to ponder today…Daniel 4:3; “How great are His signs, and how mighty His wonders! His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and His dominion is from generation to generation.”

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