Today I was reading an email from Chuck Pierce’s ministry. He was talking about this month being a month to ‘press through the narrow place.’ He said ‘don’t back up, no matter how strong the enemy comes against you!’ I could relate to this email because this month has had its challenges.

Moments after I read that email I received another email from a friend. She said ‘a shift has taken place, I feel like we are in the birth canal.’ Aha…pressing through the narrow place.
I knew God was talking to me and I was determined to find out what He was telling me. Therefore I listened to the teaching on the month of Av, which we have just entered into.

The man of God talked about how this month on God’s calendar was the month of dire straits, a time to press or squeeze through the narrow place. He shared how the 9th day of Av was often a day of destruction for the people of God in times past. He shared how that day was to be a day of entering into the blessing of God, yet because of their unbelief they did not enter into the Promised Land and that day became a curse to them. Year after year they experienced destruction instead of blessing.
You may remember what time he is speaking of. God had told them about the Promised Land, their place of blessing, He showed them the fruit and prosperity in that land, however, all they saw were the giants. Because they could only see the giants, they did not enter into the promises of God but died in the wilderness…without ever seeing the fulfillment of the promises of God – even though they were there for the taking. They turned back from entering into the blessings of God because of one thing; unbelief.

This month, this time we are in, was destined to be a time to enter into the blessings of God – the Promised Land. That was what God has destined for us from the very beginning…and it is still what He has for us. The ninth of Av, which is the 25th of July, was to be a time of extreme blessing – yet it became a time of destruction – however, God’s plan for us has not changed. His word still says that we can enter into the blessings of God. His word says we can enter into His rest – Jesus paid the price for us to enter into that rest – that place of blessing. Tomorrow is the ninth of Av. I believe we should take that day back as a day of blessing! How about you?

Av was and is to be a month of celebration – a month to enter into the Promised land…let’s enter in. The promise of the children of Israel was to enter into the Promised land in this very month – but as they declared from their mouth ‘our enemy is too strong for us, we will die’ they put themselves under a curse, one that repeated year after year. They spent 40 years in the wilderness and never repented of their unbelief. Every year the cycle of the curse repeated itself and the ninth of Av became a time of a door of destruction opening.

Unbelief will keep you from walking in the blessings of God. I don’t know about you, but I want to walk in all His blessings and I do NOT want to experience one day of living under a curse. I will not allow words to come out of my mouth that will place me under a curse. Jesus took the curse for us, we don’t have to live under it – the only way we will is if we put ourselves there.

Matthew 12:37 says; for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.
This month, Av, let’s declare it is a month of celebration – a month of fulfillment of the promises of God. A month that every curse is reversed, in Jesus name. Let’s do as I first shared at the beginning of this writing and press through this narrow place and allow God to bring us out into a wide, spacious place of blessing.

One way we can do that is by refusing to have unbelief – no matter what is coming at you – refuse unbelief – and do not allow words of unbelief to come out of your mouth – watch your words, watch your emotions and watch your heart this month – stay in a place where the blessing of God flows freely. Pray this prayer with us today and declare we are pressing through and entering in. AMEN!

Let’s pray: Father, I repent of any and all sin in my life! I repent of all unbelief, forgive me Lord, I refuse to have unbelief from this day forward. I declare that every curse is broken from me and my family and just as Levi was restored after repentance and the curse was broken, Me and my house are restored and the past cycles of defeat, destruction, lack and decrease are BROKEN NOW IN JESUS’ NAME! I declare and decree I have come through this ‘narrow place’ with total and ultimate victory – holding all the blessings and provisions of God in my hand….Every window of destruction is closed in my life – all windows of BLESSING have been swung wide open in my life…. and blessings are overtaking me now. In Jesus name. AmenKeepGoing_zps907e7a69

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