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Sometimes I hear a phrase that I just can’t get out of my mind, today was such a time. Early one morning as I was listening to Christian television I heard a man say ‘dream seeds.’ I stopped and thought about that for a moment…dream seeds.

I really wasn’t sure what God was trying to say but I knew it was significant. All throughout my day I kept thinking about this phrase…dream seeds. Finally, I stopped and began to study seeds.

Most of us have a basic knowledge of seeds and how they work, having been raised in a farm community, I certainly thought I had a good, basic knowledge of seeds and how they work. Additionally, most of us know that the Bible refers to seed several times. I want to share some of the things I found today about seeds, beginning with the definition of seed.

A seed is defined as that from which anything springs forth, the principle of production, first principle, and original, to place or introduce in the hope of increase or profit. I thought it was interesting that it is the first principle, and that from which anything springs forth – everything, everything begins with a seed. The seed itself represents reproduction.

There are three conditions that must exist before germination can occur:
1. The seed must be alive.
2. Any dormancy requirements that prevent germination must be overcome.
3. The proper environmental conditions must exist for germination.

First of all the seed must be alive, predators will attempt to kill the seed before it germinates.

Isn’t that the same thing Jesus said? The thief comes immediately to steal the word of God, the dream seed that God has placed inside of you. Second, anything and everything that could stop your seed from growing, that would try to cause it to lie dormant, producing nothing…must be overcome.

Many things try to prevent our seed from becoming a reality of what it can produce; things like sin, disobedience, anger, offense, bitterness and many other things that stand in the way of God working in our life. Third, the proper environment must exist, some things will kill the seed before it produces, things like heat or lack of light. Again, we can liken this to the a spiritual fight – the enemy comes to turn up the heat in your life, to stop your dream seed from producing a harvest, heat also comes to cause dryness and when a seed is dry it is dormant. A seed must have water to complete germination. The enemy will also try to keep you from the washing of the water of the word, as well as walking in the light of the word of God.

What is the enemy so afraid of in a seemingly small seed? He knows that a seed planted in a dreamers mind will germinate new life experiences. He knows that within the seed there are enough nutrients to bring forth a full harvest. He knows if he can’t stop the seed, he can’t stop the promise or the harvest of the seed.

I am talking with you today about dream seeds. Those seeds that God has placed in your heart – those seeds of your future. Are your seeds still alive? Are they still viable? Are they dry? Have you been watering them with the word of God?

Have you overcome those things that would hinder your harvest from coming forth? Have you rid yourself of sin, offense, disobedience, bitterness, anger and anything else that would prevent your seed from coming forth?

Our future is in our seed. Your seed may be words that you speak out of your mouth. Your seed may be a photo of something you have placed before your eyes and continually water with the word of God.

Your seed may be a financial seed, it may be a seed you sowed in faith for something you believe God for – whatever it is – don’t let it die – water it and nurture it with the word of God and faith. Your seed WILL produce what it was sown for.

As I shared with you at the beginning of this teaching; your seed is just the beginning. Whatever you sowed your seed for; it was the beginning, the original of what you are going to see…that from which all things spring forth… and that is good news!