In view of things that are going on all over our world today, it is very easy to become discouraged and even frightened. However, we must keep in mind, God is still God, even in the midst of the storms.

It is important at times like these to keep our eyes on God. It is important to remember Jesus rested during the storm and so should we.

Now, that is not easy and I don’t pretend it is. Frankly, we had a challenging week here in little Dayton, Tn.

Breanne’s beloved horse, Dusty, got colic. She treated him for a week, hoping he would pull out of it. He did not. On Thursday night he had to be put down. It was devastating for Breanne and the kids. It was hard to watch their raw emotions.

On Friday, we had to find someone to bury him and then deal with that unpleasant task.

During the midst of all that, our Aunt Pat, is in her final moments of life. My heart breaks for her family and loved ones.

In the midst of that, we have been diligently praying for our partners, for Texas, for Florida and Georgia and for all the states experiencing fires. There are things, tragic things, going on all over the world it seems.

While Dusty was taking his last breaths, Bryson said to me, ‘Nana, you said you can always find something to be thankful for in bad times, I can’t find anything in this situation.’ My heart went out to him as I said, ‘Dusty won’t be in pain any longer, buddy.’

While all this was happening, honestly, I wasn’t looking for a blessing at all, I was simply trying to muddle through and remain in faith and peace.

Then God. In the center of all this, something I had been praying for diligently, suddenly broke through. Now, in the natural it was not supposed to even be a possibility for another couple months, but somehow it changed overnight. It was nothing huge, but it was breakthrough and I saw it as such!

Words cannot describe how it revived my spirit this morning. In the midst of the storms all around me, I saw God’s hand in my life.

What an awesome God I serve!

A few moments later, I spoke with a partner who shared something that had just happened in his life. I replied, ‘things are breaking through.’ He responded, ‘I didn’t see it like that, but you are right.’

This morning I wanted to take a few moments and encourage you. I see the evidence of things breaking open. I see the evidence of things breaking through!

If you have been standing in faith, don’t give up now! Continue to press in as we have been talking about. Continue to declare His word. Continue to trust in His faithfulness.

Recognize the small breakthroughs…they will lead to bigger breakthroughs. Acknowledge them and praise God for them.

Breakthroughs often start this way, with small and subtle glimpses of Gods hand in our life, don’t allow them to go unnoticed. Praise God for them. Be thankful for them. And press forward, knowing things are breaking through! To God be ALL the GLORY!

Prayer for Today: Father, we see your hand in our life and we thank you! Your goodness is overwhelming indeed. I thank you things are breaking through and we will see more and more breakthroughs this week, in Jesus name. Amen.