Yesterday, Kelita sent me a writing by Wanda Alger.  I found it quite encouraging and I thought you would too.  I am going to share it with you today…

I was greatly encouraged yesterday through our monthly Prophetic Round Table meeting after church. As we each shared what the Lord was speaking to us, the pieces all fit together to reveal some encouraging insights for those who are watching and praying:

1- PERSONAL TESTING. Many intercessors are being tested in very personal ways, specifically in areas where they previously had great victory. I know I’m personally praying through something that I thought was already dealt with and overcome. It seems the Lord wants to increase my endurance and level of faith in the very area where I’ve always seen success. Thankfully, it’s not my lack, but His desire to increase my spiritual authority in that particular area. I’m now even more determined to press in.

2- DISTRACTIONS, DISTRACTIONS! When our faith is being tested, we can waste a lot of time in self-evaluation and doubt, searching for other ways to experience breakthrough. Sometimes our greatest faith is activated when we are standing in a blind spot. It is only then that we truly know where our faith lies and how confident we are in God’s Word over our lives. Don’t get distracted by doubt! Revisit what God has already spoken and then repeat it – out loud. Stay focused and don’t look to lesser things for relief.

3- WORSHIP AND PRAY IN THE SPIRIT. Several people indicated the challenges experienced in praying about things which were totally out of their control. Repeatedly, it was only when they prayed in tongues and worshipped that the presence of the Lord came, along with greater authority and confidence.  Many times, breakthrough came soon after. We are coming into some battles that are so beyond our human comprehension, the only way to pray is by the Spirit. Rather than always seeking greater understanding, we need to engage in greater worship and let Holy Spirit do the praying.

4- THE SPIRIT IS NOT JUST HOVERING, BUT POSITIONING. We are in a time where the Lord is positioning believers in specific roles and assignments. We are not only watchman in the spirit, but ambassadors of God’s Kingdom with unique assignments that must be fulfilled. The Lord is aligning relationships and connections so that we are linked with those who have similar calls and passions. Pay attention to those people. Pray them into your life by calling forth those whom the Lord desires to connect you with for a greater good. Just this past week I did that and two people contacted me who had dreams about me – one whom I’ve never even met. These are divine appointments and opportunities if we engage them.

5- THE ANGELS ARE WAITING – I share more about this in my latest blog post (, but we must remember that we are not helpless or without aid. The angelic host look to US to give them the needed cues to go and neutralize our enemies (Ps 103:20). We need to SPEAK the word of the Lord so they can accomplish what they were commissioned to do. They are the ones uniquely qualified and equipped to battle the principalities at work in high places. Our job is to declare Gods Word so they can hear it and do their job.

I encourage you to get with others who watch and pray and then compare notes. Regardless of your position, title, or anointing, it is only when we come together and share our pieces that things will make sense and we will speak AS ONE.

This spoke to me…I hope it spoke to you today as well…


Meditate on this:

“Be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord.”  1 Cor. 15:58