This morning I have had one of our partners on my mind, I simply keep thinking about him and his enduring faith in a certain situation.

You see, our partner, Randy, made a bold faith move a few months ago, actually several months ago now. He sent me an email when he gave a donation to this ministry and said ‘I am going to double this every single month until my financial breakthrough comes.’

Now, people have told me this many times before but no one has actually stuck it out. They usually give a few months but when it gets up close to $100, they always stop. Randy’s first seed was $1.00. Not too bad, right? To double that wouldn’t be difficult, even when you are trusting God for a financial breakthrough.

This past month, April, when his seed came through, I happened to see it and it was for much more than he started with. I thought ‘wow, he is not stopping!’ He went from $1, then doubled it to $2, then $4, and so on and so on.

It reminded me of a scripture in the Bible. We have all read the account of Jesus telling the disciples if they had faith as a grain of mustard seed nothing would be impossible for them, right? Of course, we have, and just before that he rebuked them for the ‘littleness of their faith.’ That is how one translation puts it. This story is found in the book of Matthew. Jesus told them they had little faith and He was not talking about the size of their faith, He was actually referring to the enduring aspect of their faith.

He wasn’t saying they didn’t have enough faith, He was saying they did not have a continual faith. He was saying, after some time past, their faith did not last. AHA. I see this over and over again.

People will often start out strong and lose faith in the middle. Something will happen to cause their faith to diminish. Just like when Jesus told the disciples they were going to the other side – they took Him at His word – until the storm hit. Then they became afraid and the lack of endurance of their faith showed up again. The same happens with us today.

We make a bold faith statement, like Randy did, and then we stand firm for two or three months and then we see nothing is happening and we stop…our faith begins to lose its grip.
I studied faith this past weekend, the bible I was reading in called it a living faith. I love that. A living faith must grow day after day. If it stops growing it is a dying faith…think about that.

Friends, we can walk in a living faith, day after day and year after year, no matter what comes our way. How do we do that? By feeding it. Just like every other living thing grows…by being fed and not allowing circumstances to dictate what we believe to be true. We make a bold faith stand and we keep standing.

The Bible says if we hold our confidence STEADFAST to the end we will see our miracle. Let’s hold our faith and our confidence in God steadfast to the end. AMEN!

Now, this past donation was Randy’s eight month of standing in faith, eight is the number of new beginnings – I am believing that he will see his financial miracle and that this month his NEW BEGINNING has begun, will you believe with me? Thank you!

Friends, I am praying that we all, each one of us has enduring faith, living faith, and a faith that never quits….please agree with me this day. In Jesus name.

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