I was speaking with my friend Karen Hardin on the phone this week when she shared something with me that God had put on her heart. Without going into the whole conversation, she told me God had impressed upon her to pray each day at noon for 15 minutes. Wherever she was, whatever she was doing – to take 15 minutes and pray.

As we talked, I remembered a scripture that is on a piece of artwork I have. This scripture has been on my mind for several weeks. It is found in Psalm 55.

Evening and morning and at noon, I will pray and cry aloud and He shall hear my voice. (Verse 17)

This wall art was something I had years ago and just came back into my hands – you may remember the story of that from a writing a few weeks ago. As I listened to Karen, I came to believe God was speaking to me through this picture and the scripture that was on it.

While it may seem odd that the scripture says, evening, morning and then noon…it really makes perfect sense. God’s timetable is not like ours. On the Jewish calendar, their time begins at sundown. Therefore, the evening prayer would be the first prayer time of their day. Morning would be the second and the completion of their day would come with the noon prayer. Isn’t that interesting!

I went to sleep thinking about this and woke up with it on my mind. While I believe the work of the cross is indeed a finished work, I also believe there are times God leads us to do things that help to hasten the manifestation of God’s Word and His promises. I believe there are times God will lead us into a time of prayer or fasting or declaring His Word and in those times, we need to be quick to obey.

You see, lately, I have been getting a lot of prayer requests. The enemy is on the rampage because he knows his time is short. It is a time to press in. To the Word of God. To prayer and anything else the Lord leads us to do. The time is now.

So, I haven’t done this in a long time, but today I am issuing a challenge to you. From now until the end of November, would you join me in prayer – just 15 minutes at a time?

You can choose to prayer with me, evening, morning, and noon for just fifteen minutes a day OR you can choose to only pray at noon for those 15 minutes? Will you join me?

You can pray for your needs, your family, your city and our nation – there is so much to pray for that it seems the time speeds by. I do have one more request…if you choose to join me in prayer, please ask one friend to join you. This will multiply our prayers to God.

In previous years, before every move of God, there has been a time of consecrated prayer – could this be another one of those?

If you choose to join me in prayer through the month of November, please shoot me an email. We will put you on our list to keep in contact with during that time. Let me know which times or time you choose to participate – it’s going to be a mountain moving month!

I am excited about what God will do with our prayers! I am excited about leaning into Him more. I am excited to see the goodness of the Lord poured out, abundantly above all we could ask or think in our families and in our nation. Let’s do this!

That being said, if you can’t commit to this, please don’t. We’ve got you covered. I pray over every single partner each day.

Evening, Morning, and at Noon – we will cry unto God, and He will hear our voice. We know from scripture, when He hears our voice, we have what we have asked of Him. (1 Jn 5:15) To God be all the Glory! Selah.