Wouldn’t you love to hear Jesus personally say to you, “According to YOUR faith, be it unto you?”  Well, He already has.  It is in His word.

Last week we talked about expectations.  We talked about how important it is to increase your expectations.  I want to share a testimony I once heard from a friend.

One day I received a call, wanting to share a testimony of something God had done for him.

Now, this particular friend was already walking in the blessings of God, yet it seems his time of blessing was about to go to a new level…but not without his faith and his expectations being in line with what God had for him.

He shared with me how he needed a particular piece of equipment for his trucking business.  This item was quite expensive, tens of thousands of dollars.  Because he didn’t want to spend that much, he was shopping around.  He came across exactly what he needed in a piece of good, used equipment.  When he measured it, it was exactly what he needed and in good shape.  He was excited to say the least, feeling God had dropped just what he needed in his lap.

After speaking with the owner of the business, the owner said he would call him the following day with the details.

The next day, Ken learned that they were not willing to sell the piece of equipment after all.  He was flabbergasted, to say the least.  He began to say to God, “What’s up God?  That was exactly what I needed, I have searched and searched, what is going on here?”

He shared with me how he then did something profound.  He continued to speak faith-filled words, even in the midst of what seemed to be a huge disappointment.  This opened the door to a blessing beyond what he imagined.

Without getting frustrated, He said to God, “Oh…God, I know what is going on here, You must have something better for me, okay, I accept that, show me where it is!”

This is the important part, friends.  Instead of being frustrated at God.  Instead of dwelling in disappointment, instead of allowing negative words to close the door on his blessing, he decided to take a God point of viewHe declared if this piece of equipment wasn’t it, God must have something even better.

You see, he didn’t allow this temporary setback to deter him.  He knows his God.  He knew he was blessed.  He knew by personal experience, the faithfulness of God.  He knew this had to turn for his good, for that’s what the word says.  Therefore, he decided to stand on that word in faith.

Jesus said over and over again, “According to your faith, be it unto you.”  And that is exactly what He did for this man.

I can’t recall if it was the same day, or the next day, but either way, Ken found another ad for what he needed.  To make a long story short, he went and looked at it and it was just what he needed.  In the end, the seller worked out a deal with Ken that empowered him to get this piece of equipment and extra equipment as well.  Ken sold the extra equipment for a profit, which meant he got the piece of equipment he needed absolutely free!

What could have cost him $25,000 plus, he ended up getting for free!  Why?  It was according to his faith.

I know I have said it hundreds of times, but it is vital, especially when it seems everything is working against you; “Stand firm in your faith and declare God’s word and His promises.”

Why?  Because it is according to your faith.

If your faith says, “It’s not going to happen for me.”  Then it probably won’t.

However, if your faith, like Ken’s faith says, “God must have something better for me”, then you better get ready for the better, for it is on the way.

Our God is a faithful God…to those who believe in His faithfulness.  Remember, He has ALREADY said, “According to your faith” that means you too.  Get your expectations up.  For expectations equal results.


Meditate on this:

And he fixed his attention on them, expecting to receive something from them.  Acts 3:5

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