So, let me share a funny story – funny but insightful.

This past Saturday, I picked up some cucumber plants, strawberry plants, and Kennebec potatoes to plant for this year. I had already planted onions a few days before. As I carried my plants and potatoes in the house, I thought, “It’s been a long day, I will do these in the morning.”

However, after a short while I decided to go ahead and plant the cucumbers and strawberries. I knew it wouldn’t take long and they would at least be done. But I still didn’t want to take the time to cut the potatoes, dig the holes and get them in the ground. I knew after it was all done, I would also have to spend time watering everything since there was no sign of rain for a few days.

I planted the cucumbers and the strawberries and went back in the house. I picked up my phone to check the time. For some strange reason, I clicked on the weather app. Oddly, the weather app said it was going to rain at 5pm, it was now 4:15. I jumped up, thinking, “If I hurry and get those potatoes in the ground, they will get well soaked with rain.” I quickly cut the potatoes and headed out to the back yard to dig holes and get them in the ground before the rain came.

I worked as quickly as I could, trying to beat the rain. Whew! I did it. I was all done and I headed back into the house to await the coming rain.

After a few minutes of watching for rain, I picked up my phone, knowing the rain should have already begun. I opened the weather app to find there was no chance of rain for the night. I have no idea why it said rain was coming one hour before and now the chance of rain was zero. I was confused and disappointed. Suddenly, I heard God speak to my heart. He said, “See, when you thought rain was imminent, you rushed to get your seed in the ground.” YIKES!

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

You see, early that morning I felt led to sow a couple seeds to two different people. I still intended to sow those seeds; however, I wasn’t rushing to do it. I was taking my sweet time.

Through that weather app, God was speaking to me and even convicting me of procrastinating in getting my seed in the ground.

I had not rushed to get my seed in the ground – why? Because I was not expecting anything from those seeds. I wasn’t expecting the rain of God to pour down on my seed, causing it to produce a quick harvest, therefore I was taking my time in getting my seed in the ground.

What if that person desperately needed that seed – what was I waiting for?

I once heard a story about a church group who gathered to pray for rain during a time of drought. Dozens of people showed up to pray BUT only one showed up with an umbrella. Which one expected their prayers to be answered?

Are you slow to get your seed in the ground, as I was? Why? Are you not expecting God to watch over His Word to perform it and bring in your harvest? Are you not expecting the rain of His favor to pour down on your seed and bring forth 30, 60, or 100-fold return?

My friends, we should be excited about sowing seed! We should dance our way through it, knowing God has promised when we sow, we will reap. We must remember, He is watching over His Word to perform it. And we must realize, if He is prompting us to sow a seed, He is not trying to get something from us, He is trying to get something to us. I am thankful God reminded me of these powerful truths…through a weather app and a bag of potatoes. He is so very faithful.