I want to share an email with you today that I once received from a partner.  It was power packed then and the words are still life changing today.

If you will do what she is doing, you too can begin to see the results she is seeing.

I have said it over and again, life and death is in the power of our tongue and we will eat the fruit of it…good or bad.  Here’s the email…

I have been on high alert in noticing changes in atmosphere throughout the day.  When I am suddenly upset by something I start declaring the opposite of what I am feeling. 

Thursday night when my husband and I discovered something one of our kids had not taken care of.  Instead of complaining and expressing my disappointment at a pattern I was seeing, I began to declare that this particular kid was a good worker, that she grabs hold of responsibility and gets so much done.  I declared that she saw things that needed doing and did them, and on and on.  I declared everything good I could think of instead of my anger and disappointment.

I am totally stunned by what happened!  Friday morning, she got up and did all of her homeschooling work without being told.  She works for me so came and told me she was working, and we had a constructive time of working together.  She goes to cosmetology school in the afternoons, but the power was off, so she came home and worked all afternoon doing laundry and picking up her room.  By dinner time her room was cleaned up more than I have ever seen it.  The clutter and stuff is gone, everything super tidy.  I could hardly believe my eyes! 

Have my words been cursing her every time I I have been disappointed in her behavior?  Am I the reason she has not been thriving? Lord, thank you that you are changing this!

This makes me want to declare good things over my family all day!  I am declaring all of the things that we need and laughing.

Yes!  I believe God is exposing the enemy’s plans!  Even when I didn’t have time to read your email I didn’t miss out! God is so good!

Blessings to you!


This my friend is what happens when we stop saying what we see and begin saying what we want to see.

I love what she said, “Have my words been cursing her every time I have been disappointed in her behavior?”

That is exactly what we do!  By our words we are condemned (or our children are) and by our words we are justified.  It is a simple truth.  If you want to see change, create it.  Create it with the words of your mouth.

We create change the same way God did, with the words of our mouth.

God looked out into the darkness, the place of absolutely nothing and spoke.  He created everything we see today with His words.  Your words have the same power and the same anointing.

If you want to see things change, speak faith filled words.  If you want to see atmospheres change, fill your atmosphere with God’s word.  If you want to see your children change, speak what you want to see over them.  Don’t allow anything else to come out of your mouth!  Declare His word and watch it change everything around you.

Our partner ended her email with I believe God is exposing the enemy’s plans.

Yes, amen!  This is one of the plans of the enemy.  To get us, by our words, to come into agreement with his plans for our kids.  I refuse, I hope you do too.



Meditate on this!
Gentle words bring life and health. Proverbs 15:4