Last week was much like the week before. With much work to be done beyond daily ministry work. Renovation was still taking place every single day. It seemed I went to bed exhausted and woke up even more tired. However, on Wednesday everything changed.

I woke up Wednesday morning beyond tired, at least that is how my body felt. I began to spend time with God and in prayer.

After just a few minutes, the Lord gave me a word, a powerful, prophetic word. I shared this word immediately with our partners, today, I want to share it with all our readers.

Here is what He said to me.

“Exuberant praise will rattle the enemy. It will send confusion into the enemy’s camp and cause them to be destroyed from within. Exuberant praise will open prison doors and let the oppressed and the captives go free. It will break the shackles of sickness and disease and bring forth wholeness. There is an anointing right now on exuberant praise to stop the enemy in his tracks, to bring a halt to all he is attempting to do in your life…enter into exuberant praise.”

From that moment on, I began to praise the Lord more than I had been recently. I began to praise Him exuberantly. With everything that was inside of me. That exuberant praise brought His presence immediately and lifted every bit of weariness. From that day forth, the weariness was not the same.

Psalms 8:2 tells us that praise still or stops the enemy. One translation says it will shut his mouth.

Living a lifestyle of praise is the best possible way we can live. It is also one of the most powerful things we can do to create change in our lives. Even faith isn’t totally complete without praise.

Praise if powerful! It affects you, physically, emotionally and especially, spiritually. It affects God and it affects the devil. When we praise God in the midst of a challenging time or situation, things change. They change because God inhabits the praise of His people. (Psalm 22:3)

In this time, God is saying, exuberant praise will change things!

What then is exuberant praise? It is joyously, unrestrained and enthusiastic praise!

Praise without restraint. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

If regular praise stops the enemy and shuts his mouth, imagine what exuberant praise will do!?

The day God gave me this word, He said it would:


  • Rattle & bring confusion to the enemy.
  • Open prison doors and release the oppressed, letting them go free.
  • Destroy & remove sickness and disease.


He went on to say there was, right now, in this moment, an anointing on exuberant praise. That, my friend, makes it even more powerful than usual.

I don’t know what you are facing today, but I do know this. Exuberant praise will change things. How do I know? Because it did for me. There is an anointing on exuberant praise, enter in today.


Father, today, we choose to praise You. We get our eyes off the things of this world and we put our eyes on You alone. We praise You God. We exalt You today. You alone are worthy to be praised…we love You. We worship You and we praise You this day. May You be forever exalted in our lives.