This morning in my prayer time, the Lord gave me a prophetic word.
I will write on this word in greater detail in the next couple days, however, I wanted to get it out to our partners as I realize it is a NOW word. Here is the word from God:
“Exuberant praise will rattle the enemy. It will send confusion into the enemy’s camp and cause them to be destroyed from within.
Exuberant praise will open prison doors and let the oppressed and the captives go free.
It will break the shackles of sickness and disease and bring forth wholeness.
There is an anointing right now on exuberant praise to stop the enemy in his tracks, to bring a halt to all he is attempting to do in your life…enter into exuberant praise.”
I shared this with Kelita and she responded, “what confirmation!” The song Turn it Around came on in my car and I have been declaring, singing, and shouting in my car!  I have been declaring the Lord is turning things around for my family and for this nation!”
Let’s give Him EXUBERANT PRAISE today!