Father God,
We humbly come before You today and we repent, as Your body, for dropping the ball of intercession over the years. We repent for the blinders we have allowed to be placed on us and only seeing problems that pertain to us…. we are sorry and we ask You to forgive us for every act of complacency, and every sin of commission AND omission. Forgive Your body for not acting like a body and give us the revelation of being Your hands and feet, give us a greater love for each other. Remove the blinders oh Lord and reveal Your heart. God we need You.
We acknowledge the greatest sacrifice ever made by Your Son, Jesus Christ. He came and died on a cross to save all mankind. What a priceless gift. And Lord, mankind needs saved today! We plead the blood of Jesus over every intercessor and declare that there will be no retaliation for these prayers against us or our families. We hide ourselves under Your wings! We submit to You and Your will, therefore the enemy must flee. We cover our words and our prayers in the blood of Jesus and we confuse and scramble the enemy’s camp  and communication so that they may not listen or act against us in any way and be successful.  We bind up any demonic activity in our neighborhood, cities, and our nation this day.
Father, we bring our nation before You and we cry out for mercy! Mercy!!! We plead the blood of Jesus to move on our behalf and we cry out for mercy! God, save our nation, save our people! Take our prayers and unite them with other prayers across this nation and pour them out over America!
Ephesians 2:14 says, that Jesus is our peace, He has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility and made the two one. Lord, we employ this scripture now. We release and commission angels to go and destroy barriers that have been rebuilt, through lies, through deception and through sin. We call those dividing walls down. Unite us oh Lord and let Your body lead the way! Angels, go and orchestrate connections and conversations that foster peace and unity, love and acceptance, grace and forgiveness all across this land.
We pray for peace.  We come against the spirit of violence, murder, mayhem, anger, hatred, lawlessness, racism, strife and any other spirit that does not line up with the Word of God.  We come against you in the name of Jesus and covered by His blood!  We say cease and desist this day!  In Jesus’ Name.
Father, give our leaders, our mayors, police and civil authority, governors, representatives, senators, and president wisdom to govern. Your word says to pray for those in authority over us. We lift them to You today and ask that any of these people that do not line up with Your will be removed, but all who seek Your will to be strengthened, protected and empowered this day. Angels, go and root out and expose every rogue individual, any traitor,  who aligns with lawlessness and do it NOW! Regardless of their position.  And in Your mercy, bring forth justice, we pray.
We release confusion into the communication of antifa and the lawless ones and call for the money supporting the riots to be dried up! Lord, let the peaceful protesters be heard! Let the violence cease, and let the healing begin!
Jesus, You know the heart of man. We look to You. We decree America shall be saved and God, please start this today.  We need You.  Only You can deliver us…our eyes are on You.  We declare You are good and Your mercy endures forever!
We humbly ask all of this in Jesus’ precious and powerful name.  We thank You that You have heard us.  We give You thanks and worship You in Jesus’ Name.  AMEN