Falling short. We have all felt it. Either in our natural life or perhaps in our spiritual life.

I was reminded today of a conversation I once had with my daughter. This reminder caused me to begin to think about how most of us struggle with falling short.

In our conversation she shared with me how she had been cleaning and working all weekend long but had not finished her kitchen cleaning yet. She didn’t list the things she had completed in those two days, yet she fretted over the one thing she didn’t finish.

I understood exactly how she felt. I will often go into the office early and work. I work hard to get my writing done, all paperwork caught up, emails answered, prayers sent out to partners. By days end I have accomplished a great deal. Yet, the thing that remains on my mind, is the one thing I didn’t get done.

If most of our house is clean, we fret about the one room we didn’t get to. If we eat good all week long, we worry about the day we have two cupcakes. If our kids get all A’s and one B, that one B seems to capture our attention more so than all the A’s they made. Falling short, we all experience it.

Falling short is a concept in our mind. One that needs to be changed.

On days you feel you are failing or falling short, stop looking at all that is left undone. Instead, acknowledge all the things that were accomplished. Instead of looking at all the things you are doing wrong, look at all the things you are doing right.

And please pass this on to your children. Instead of looking at all the places they are falling short, acknowledge and celebrate all the things they are doing right. Give them more compliments than criticism. It will be life changing for them. Their attitudes will change, and their life will become easier because they feel accepted and celebrated.

Life is filled with so many good things, but we can’t see them if we are focused on the negative. We may have many wonderful accomplishments, but we won’t recognize them if we are only looking at our shortcomings.

The good news is we can renew our minds. We can literally change the way we think.

Philippians 4:8 says, Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable— if anything is excellent or praiseworthy— think on these things.

Once we begin to focus on the good things and the goodness of God, the rest will fall away. We only need to train our minds to think on what God says think on.

This is especially true in our spiritual life as well. We do the best we can. Yet, many always feel they don’t pray enough or confess the Word of God enough. Thousands of people feel they are not worthy of the promises and benefits of walking with God. My friend, that is what Jesus is for – it is because of Him alone that we receive the promises. Yes, there are thing we need to do to keep ourselves filled up with God – but the price of our promise was paid in full at the cross.

GOD LOVES YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. Jesus died for you just the way you are. You are enough. You can’t do anything to make Him love you more or love you less. YOU are accepted in the Beloved through Christ!

Today, as you go about your day, don’t focus on what you did not finish. Focus on your accomplishments. Don’t look at your shortcomings, celebrate your achievements. Instead of beating yourself up for what you didn’t do, thank God for all He helped you do. Whatever is good and lovely…think on that. Shift your mind to the good things. It will change your life.