winter bare trees
Good Morning Friends and Partners; I wanted to share something with you today. It is from Chuck Pierce. I don’t believe every prophecy I receive nor do I think every prophecy is for every one – however, I feel some are worth sharing and if it is for you, God will show you.
This one caught my attention for many reasons. I am, as you know, in Tennessee. And the other day I was sitting on my sofa, it was on a weekend, I heard a loud ‘BOOM!’ and felt the earth literally shake beneath me. The news media said it was when ice freezes underground and breaks open creating a shift. Hmmm. All I know is this, I felt it. And I heard it. And this prophecy reminded me of this thing that took place a couple days ago. Things ARE shifting – find your footing, find your place and make sure you have made decisions physically, financially and emotionally that put you in the right position in God. Enjoy this prophecy, I believe it will speak to many of you. KP

I Send An Alarm Across Washington State and Oregon… Find Your Footing
Chuck D. Pierce, Corinth, TX

Prophetic Words Spoken by Chuck Pierce at Glory of Zion in Texas, on February 22, 2015, Sunday Celebration Service – Firstfruits:

“The Ground Will Make a Shift”

“Pray for Washington State and Oregon. I send an alarm from Zion across Washington State and Oregon and I say, ‘Wake up and watch, for there is a change coming to your ground and a new, new opening is coming from Heaven, but now the ground will make a shift.

“I say to Tennessee, ‘Watch, for this is a time that there will come a movement from the NE portion. You need to watch the movement.’

“I say to, ‘New England, you need to awaken now because if you will awaken now I will cause a new generation to rise up in here.’

“I say to Japan, ‘This will be a month that you must stand firm because of the shaking… so I say to you.’

“And I say to Africa, ‘Get ready’. Algiers, you will be heard from: Let My people go,” saith the Lord.

Find Your Way Through the Movement… Find Your Footing

Chuck Pierce continues:

I decree there’s a shaking loose of promises that have fallen in the ground. And you’re going to be walking this month and all of a sudden you’re going to say, “I just stepped into a place of glory that I saw several times back,” and then all of a sudden you’ll decree a thing and it will happen.

Now I want you to decree. You decree: “I’m coming into my promise.” You decree that though the enemy has blocked you, though you have done things you shouldn’t have done, this month you are shifting to go up, and you will see a manifestation.

There is going to be a meeting of Heaven and earth. You need to know. You need to find your steps this month.
Hear what I’m your saying to you: Find your steps this month. There is going to be Heaven and earth colliding and shaking around us. Find your footing.

It’s not going to be like where it’s been, starting now. A new season has blossomed. Find your way through the movement.

God says, “Right now, I have begun a movement. You find your way through it. This is what it looks like. It’s not going to be like other seasons.”

You will not be controlling how the movement affects you. You’ll just have to get in it.

…You get ready. Things will start moving all around you. Some of you are going to move in your jobs. Some of you are going to move where you live. Some of you are going to move in your life. Some of you are going to move in your house. Some of you are going to move in your nation. Things will be sliding and shifting this month, and God says, “Find your footing. Find your footing. Find your footing.”
Something has stirred up. What Firstfruits is about is shifting into alignment with God’s will in Heaven. Once we do that, let me tell you this month, something is going to shift around you and you are not to get frustrated in all the changes around you, but you will find your footing and you’ll be stronger in the latter than you were at the beginning. Let’s thank God for that.