I want to share a dream I had a while back, that upon waking, I knew this one was a game changer.

In the dream I saw an entire city preparing for an upcoming marathon. The greatest runners in the country had come to participate and I understood that this race was drawing those who were the fastest and possessed great endurance.

A large crowd had gathered to watch as the runners lined up at the starting line. I wanted to participate, but because I had not ran a marathon in many years, I decided I would walk it. I lined up with all the other walkers who were positioned at the back behind the runners.

The gun went off and the front runner shot off, leading the race. Bringing up the rear were all the walkers and I was walking with them. But, this was not an ordinary marathon. The race course went from city to city and thousands were running it.

Suddenly, a wind came up behind me. It overtook me and I began to run. Not only did I run, but in mere seconds, I was running along side the leader of the race. We were running so fast that we were passing vehicles. We were running at a supernatural speed much like Elijah as he ran ahead of King Ahab’s chariot (I Kings 18:46).

However, there was no effort, no sweating and no labor in the run. It seemed to be literally effortless as if something else was carrying us.

While the beginning of the marathon took place on the interstate, the course then shifted after a while and took us through woods, up steep hills and over rough terrain.

Along the route, there were several things that tried to hinder or create fear. At one point, I carried a small child, a baby. However, I continued to run without effort up the hill even with the baby in my arms.

As I ran, I glanced behind me and saw a brown bear following us closely. It seemed to want us to think it was not following us, even though it most assuredly was following and meant to stop or harm us.

I leaned over and picked up a large stick. It was more like a club and was quite detailed in my dream. A woman running near me shouted, “You don’t need that big of a weapon to fend off a bear.” But I knew this was exactly what I needed to defend us.

The bear took one look at the club in my hand and turned and slowly lumbered away.

And we continued to run…

After a while, we came near a rest area. I intended to stop and take a bathroom break, but when I went into the ladies room, I saw a large man inside. My first thought was, “He should not be here with the young girls!” But as his eyes met mine, he quickly turned and left.

After I exited the restroom, I saw a restaurant. Those with me wanted to stop and eat, but I knew we needed to keep running and finish the race.

With that decided, in the dream we were suddenly back on the marathon trail, and once again running faster than the vehicles on the road. At one point, I ran past a truck that had a small child in the back of it. The passengers were trying to get my attention, but I knew I had to keep my eyes on the race and the frontrunner who was running alongside me.

There were two important aspects in the race. First, I recognized that my eyes were fixed as I ran alongside the front runner, even though many things had tried to divert my attention. Second, I continued to run supernaturally fast, without labor and without hinderance.

Then the dream ended.

When I woke the next morning, the Lord began to reveal some of the meanings of this dream to me which I share with you now. The dream is for us now, in the present.

Take Hope

For those who will seek God and run the race, a fresh wind of the Spirit is about to come upon you and overtake you. This wind of the Spirit will cause you to run and not grow weary and to walk and not faint, just as it says in Isaiah 40:31. This scripture is talking about those who “hope” in the Lord. You are the ones who will experience this fresh wind of the Spirit.

You have stood in faith, even when you thought you could no longer “run,” yet you continued to trust in God. Suddenly, a fresh wind of the Spirit will come upon you and you will begin to run like never before. It will be supernatural and without effort.

I believe the race switched from the interstate at the beginning to a more wooded and secluded area because this fresh wind is not only going to affect the well-known ministries, but also those who have been running the race in secluded and unknown places, where no one knows their names.

Beware of the Destroyer

The bear in my dream represents the destroyer or destruction.

Although the destroyer may be on our trail, it will be just as the Bible says, if we stand firm and arm ourselves with the weapons of God, no weapon formed against us shall prosper and no harm will come near our dwelling.

The large stick I picked up was quite distinctive. As I did a little research, I found it was a weapon used in World War 1. It was called a “trench club.” It was used as a quiet and effective way to subdue the enemy at night, where a loud gun would have warned them. The soldiers used these clubs to strategically overtake the enemy. The club was designed in such an effective way, that the enemies did not even resist as they knew they could not fight and win. It was referred to as a ‘double barrel’ weapon.

This spoke to me as well. As we run this race, should the enemy attempt to bring destruction or attempt to destroy, God has a weapon He will put in our hand, one that will be a double barrel weapon which will effectively overcome the enemy.

Beware of the Naysayers

If you remember, there was a woman who told me I didn’t need such a massive weapon to overcome the bear. There will be those who will say to you, “It doesn’t take all that!” They will say, “You don’t have to spend time daily in the word. You don’t have to pray each day. You don’t have to tithe and give. You don’t have to worship or pray in the spirit. It doesn’t really take all that effort.”

Don’t listen, stay on the path God has you on and continue to follow His lead.

Those Who are Out of Place

The man in the ladies room held meaning. There will be those who will attempt to enter into places they do not belong in the spirit . However, they will know your authority—the authority that rests upon God’s people. It will be evident to those who do not belong to God.

Stay in God’s Timing

The restaurant and those trying to get me to stop and eat a while reveals that there will be those who may not want to run the race we are running. In fact, they may attempt to hinder us or get us out of the timing of God. However, we must keep going and keep our eyes on God and His race. We are to run and continue on our path.

Beware of Distractions

The restaurant and the child in the back of the truck were both distractions. There will be things that will come to get our eyes off God, our front runner. We must continue to run side by side with Him and keep our eyes on Him the entire time.

A Fresh Wind is Here

We have entered into a time of a fresh wind. We have entered into a time of a new boldness, a new clarity, and a new level of authority of the race before us. It is an authority that others will see on us. This is an exciting time indeed!

Begin the Race

Today, even if you feel too weary to run, begin to walk. As you do, a fresh wind will come upon you and cause you to run in a supernatural way, unlike anything you have ever known. And nothing, absolutely nothing, will be able to stop you. His anointing and authority will rest upon you and you will finish the race. It’s your destiny and God has equipped you to not only run the race with endurance, but to finish the race with victory.

To God be all the Glory!

Prayer for Today: Father, position me to run like never before. Thank you for the wind of the Holy Spirit coming upon me empowering me to run supernaturally and without labor. Thank you that I keep my eyes fixed on You at all times. For this I give you praise, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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