Lately, I keep hearing people say that Kenneth Copeland prophesied a word concerning 2019.  That it would be a year of abundant harvest.  I did not hear the prophesy personally, it was just what I heard from others.

For some reason, today, I decided to go to YouTube and listen for myself.

I do believe this is a year that we can see abundant harvest, frankly, I believe we have the opportunity to see abundant harvest every year according to God’s word.  Today, however, I want to share with some of what I heard of the prophecy for 2019.  Yes, there are great things coming our way, but we have a part to play in them.  Here are some of the things God spoke through Brother Copeland.  (for the complete prophecy, you can go to his website.

First of all, there must be a higher order of prayer coming forth out of the family. Intercession, petition and supplication for the lost, much prayer, much calling forth, much calling things that be not as though they were—praying for the lost.  2019 must be a year of great intercession and witnessing outside the walls of the church building.

I’ll do signs and wonders. I’ll do these marvelous works, saith the LORD, if you’ll take Me to the sinner, if you will take Me to the streets. Give Me an opportunity to reveal Myself. You keep ringing the dinner bell of healing and I’ll draw the people.

I’m going to require you, saith the LORD, to walk by faith. I’m going to require you to get healed on your own faith. Most of the people in My ministry, saith the LORD, most of them got healed on their own faith: Be it done unto you as you have believed. Daughter, thy faith has made thee whole.

People that have no idea about Me or anything about My Word will come running to those of you that will spend time in intercessory prayer. I’m not talking about hours and hours. I’m talking about minutes a day. I’m talking about just give Me time. Just give Me part of your morning. Just give Me part of your evening and pray in the spirit and intercede for the lost. And I’ll see to it, saith the LORD, that 2019 is the most startling year of your life.

I’ll see to it that your body begins to renew, and your youth begins to renew, and all of a sudden, pains and aches that have been there for years will disappear. Glory to God.  When you get out and begin to minister to those that have never heard about Me, saith Jesus. You call on Me and I’ll call on you, and together we’ll see it come to pass. Together, we’ll see it happen. Together. Together.

In each section of this prophecy, we have a part to play.  We must pray and intercede.  We are required to walk by faith.  We must spend time with God and in intercessory prayer…then and only then will we see the miracles, signs and wonders we desire to see.

In a legal contract, you are advised to read the small print.  I think for the 2019 prophecy, not only this one, but all of them, we need to read ALL of it and not only what we desire to see.  We need to read the small print, so to speak.

Remember a few weeks ago, I shared with you what the Lord had said to me… “yes, this is the year for great abundance, if you press into Me you will experience things you only dreamed about, if you fail to press into Me, you will not.”

That was it in a nutshell.  It’s up to us.

It’s up to us.  What we see before this year ends, is up to us.  It is dependent on how we spend our days.  On our priorities for this year.  As the man of God said, FIRST OF ALL…there must be a higher order of prayer.  As we pray and press into God, we will see abundance…for He is abundance.  He is the reward.  Everything we have need of, everything we desire is found one place – in Him.  First of all, seek Him.



Meditate Scripture:

Seek the LORD and His strength; Seek His face continually.  1 Chronicles 16:11




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