It has been said that in the beginning God created the world out of nothing. I, myself once believed that. However, I find in Hebrews 11:3, the word of God says something different. It says; By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible.

Meditate on that for a moment. The world was made by things which were not visible. The New Living Bible says it like this; by faith we understand that the entire universe was formed at God’s command, that what we now see did not come from anything that can be seen.

God didn’t create the worlds out of nothing, but out of something that could not be seen at the time. It was all created by the word of God. To frame means to complete, to repair or mend, to put in order, to arrange, to perfect and to make things the way they ought to be. I love the last one – to make it the way it ought to be.

The way it ought to be is found in the word of God. The way things, ALL THINGS IN YOUR LIFE, ought to be is found in the word of God, the way it should be is how God sees it. You simply have to find out what God says about it and then command it to be so, just as God commanded and the worlds were framed.
As I pondered this scripture today, I imagined a house plan, with many rooms planned out. It reminded me of something Joyce Meyer once said. She said you have to concentrate on one need at a time – go to God with your most urgent need and see that one met and then move on to the next one.

If you were building a house, you would frame one room at a time – you wouldn’t start on one end of the house and begin to frame the bathroom and then before it was complete, go to the other side of the house and frame a bedroom. There would be no stability in that plan. No, instead you would concentrate on finishing one room at a time. So it is with spiritual things – if we concentrate on one at a time and see it complete – then we can move on to the next thing.

Therefore, I spent my day making out my ‘plan’ and deciding what I would ‘frame’ first. Of course I sought the Lord about what I should frame first and He showed me. That, my friend, is what I want you to do today. Decide which thing, which part of your world, you want to frame. You may ask ‘how then do I frame it?’ The same way God did, with the word of God. You frame your world with something that can’t be seen but has the power to create whatever you command that is the living word of God.

Always remember, through Christ, we have the authority and the ability to command our world to line up with the word of God and it has to obey. That is an amazing amount of authority and ability. And it belongs to you. You have the authority and the ability to frame – to complete, to repair, to put in order, to perfect and to make things the way they ought to be – your world and your circumstances. However it may look to you at the moment, you have the ability and authority to change it.

What is your most urgent request? What does God say about it? How does He say it should be? If you don’t know, get into the word of God and find out. Once you find out, begin to command it to be so. Keep in mind, each time you command, you are framing. You are building something. Something that will ultimately arise and be seen.

It’s up to you how much and how big you can believe for. We serve an unlimited God. The only limits that exist are in ‘our’ minds. Don’t frame too small. First get in the word and build your faith until you can believe and command in line with Gods thoughts. His thoughts are higher, bigger and much grander than ours. He has so much more for us than we could ever imagine. Remember, He is the God that does exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ask or think.

As the Lord was speaking to me today about framing, I wanted a better understanding of framing in the natural, so I called my uncle who builds houses. I asked him to explain it to me. He said first of all, your foundation must be set and sturdy enough to hold the frame. The Bible says our foundation has been laid, it is Jesus Christ. I can assure you, however large you decide to frame; Jesus is more than sturdy enough to sustain it. It will be held up by the power of His word.

Secondly, my uncle said you then must decide how big a room you want to frame. You choose. How much can you believe for? What can you imagine? Can you imagine total deliverance for your son or daughter from drugs? If you can imagine it, you can command it and the foundation will sustain it. Can you imagine your own business? Then command it and it shall be. Can you imagine walking in covenant wealth? Then become a commander of covenant wealth and watch God establish His covenant with you. Can you imagine healing from an incurable disease? That is His promise, found all throughout the Bible.

Just as God framed His world with His word, things that were not seen became visible. It is the same for you – begin to command, using His word and you will see with your natural eyes something created out of things you can’t yet see. After all, faith IS the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Release your faith and see your promises. Frame your world. The foundation is already set, that’s the hard part, the framing goes up quickly – start framing.