november-9-3I went to sleep last night without knowing who our next President would be. After a good night’s rest, the Lord woke me up at 3:45 this morning. I sat up and pulled up the news to see who had won and who would be our next President.

I know many people are breathing a sigh of relief that this particular election is behind us, it has been brutal.

However, as I talked to the Lord this morning I was reminded of something a woman told me over 25 years ago. She said ‘when you appear to have won the battle, don’t lay your sword down.’
Those words profoundly apply to this situation and this day, don’t you think?

I have never seen so many Christians come together for a cause in all the years I have been born again. I have never witnessed so much prayer and fasting and so much agreement. It was a time of unity of faith indeed. I stood in awe of the body of Christ.

This kind of prayer should have been normal for every election every time, but it seems that it took the plight of the toll of abortion on our land for God’s people to finally say enough is enough. This election was very divisive, and it wasn’t so much about the person, but the platform. Father! Heal the divide! We cry for mercy!

It seemed like there was no way this prayer would be answered however, 2 Chronicles says if MY people who are called by my name would humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, then I will heal from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land. We repented for allowing abortion to happen, let alone up until the day of birth! We repented for allowing prayer to be taken out of schools, we repented for sitting by, our swords on the ground and allowing precious ground to be taken from the Kingdom. God heard our cries to heal our nation and I believe that healing has begun.

It’s not over yet and it is certainly NOT time to lay down your sword and have a party.

We need to continue to pray now more than ever.

We need to continue to pray that evil is driven out of our country. We need to pray that not one more law will be set in motion that goes against the word of God. We need to pray that not one more person will be put in a position of authority unless they have a heart after God. We need to pray that it ends here…this day…in Jesus name.

Pray for the President elect and his family, for their protection and their peace during this transition time. The heart of the King is in the hands of the Lord – we must pray. And continue to pray for our current president and his family to transition into public life in peace.

Let’s press in until we truly see our entire nation turned back to God. Let’s continue to press until we have prayer back in schools, godly Americans back in places of leadership and evil chased out of our land. Let’s pray until we see abortion repealed and come against violence and shootings of peacemakers! Let’s pray until homelessness is a rarity and jobs are abundant in the land. Let’s agree that America will once again be one nation under God!

I am asking you to continue to pray, not just today or tomorrow, but from this day forth. Take 5 minutes a day and pray for our leaders and our nation, use that same fervency you have had over the past few weeks and continue to pray until God is glorified in this land. Pray until we see HIS GLORY hover over our nation.

I know you have already had a writing today from us, however, I felt compelled by God Himself to write this to you this morning and send it out. Don’t lay down your sword, not today. Lay it down when God says lay it down and not one moment before.

Our Prayer: Father, Your word says in Proverbs that the heart of the King is in the hand of the Lord and so we thank You this day, that You have the heart of our President (both now and President-elect) in Your hands. I thank you that you are a God who hears and answers the prayers that come from the heart of your people, therefore we declare this IS ONE NATION UNDER GOD and we will not come out from under the protection and hand of our God. May Your hand always be on our land. May this day and the days leading up to the coming administration be only a beginning of the healing hand of God across our land. We pray for unity, that brotherly love would overwhelm this nation and that we would come together under Your banner of love. We cancel and take authority over every plot of evil to cause mayhem and violence in this nation and release angels to go and keep peace and to thwart the plans of the enemy.
Father, I also thank You that every promise, that lines up with Your word, that any candidate made, from the White House to local government, be fulfilled during their time in office. I thank you for giving them wisdom and direction each and every day. Surround them Lord with people of wisdom and righteousness. Surround them with people who have a heart to please You first and foremost. Remove evil from our land. Give our lawmakers the courage to repeal laws that go against Your word. Help them, help us return America to her godly heritage. Teach us how to pray and what to pray each day. Give us insight and direction in our prayers so that they are on target each time. Thank you God for showing us your faithfulness to Your word and Your people. Today, like every other day, we stand in awe of You. We honor You. We praise You. We worship You and we love You God. You are a faithful God and a good, good Father. Amen.