Set Time & Healing

God has appointed times and seasons in which he works, learn about the appointed time we are in now that includes healing.

Enlarge Your Capacity to Receive

God has wants to help you grow!


In 2017, we began doing monthly Partner Prayer and Teaching calls once a month. These have been anointed times where God shows up through the word being taught and the prayers being prayed as we released our faith and shared together. These are made available to every partner monthly. We decided to make them available on our website for all readers for a time as a way to start off 2018 strong!

Below are the links to the calls. About halfway through the year, we began making Kim’s notes available as well. (Please note there was no call in September.)

January 2017:

February 2017:

March 2017:

April 2017:

May 2017:

June 2017:

June – Alignment
July 2017:

First Fruit Study
August 2017:

victory notes
September – no call
October 2017:

Expectation, Restoration, Celebration
November 2017:

Building An Impenetrateable Fortress
December 2017:

Hanukkah Open Portals and Miracles

Christmas Reflections

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