Insights for Increase

Not much time passes before I remember a seed I sowed many years ago, when I say many, I mean about 25 years ago. God often brings that seed to mind; I don’t know why, perhaps to remind me of His faithfulness.

I was young in the Lord and so in love with God, I simply couldn’t get enough of him. I did not like going to work because I had to keep my mind on work and not on God. I could not wait until it was time to go home, so I could jump in my pajamas and worship God for the rest of the night.

One night I was visiting a church in our area and heard a man preach about sowing seeds for a specific purpose and naming that seed – giving it a destiny. I had never heard this taught before at that time. That night I sowed all I had in my account for a purpose, I gave it a destiny. My seed was sown to be able to work in a way that I would be free to spend all my time in the word and in the presence of God.

My seed didn’t come up right away, but it did come up and 25 years later I am still living the effects of that seed. Twenty-five years later I am still free to worship God anytime I want and spend as much time in the word of God as I want – I am truly blessed. God honored my seed.

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