So the Lord said to Solomon, “Since this is your attitude and you have not kept my covenant and my decrees, which I commanded you, I will most certainly tear the kingdom away from you and give it to one of your subordinates.” I Kings 11:11

We have all heard sayings like, ‘your attitude determines your altitude.’ And many of us brush them off as cute sayings. But ~ attitude really is that important. With a bad attitude or a haughty attitude you will never be blessed of God. Why? Because attitudes are a reflection of the heart and God looks on the heart. Whatever is in your heart is going to come out – that’s a truth. You may try to fake it or pretend you aren’t that way – but it will reveal itself…every time.

The Bible says that it’s out of the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks. It is also true that out of the abundance of the heart your attitude comes shining through. As I always say, life is a choice. God gave us that choice, He set before us life and death, and then He said ‘choose.’

Every time you open your mouth with a bad attitude or keep silent when you should be speaking, you are choosing death. It’s your choice, don’t blame anyone else and don’t walk around all pitiful, feeling sorry for yourself – it’s your choice. Take responsibility for your own choices.

You may be in a situation where you feel you simply can’t have a good attitude. That is never true. You can always choose a good attitude. Perhaps you are hurting in your body – choose to believe God’s word, the word alone will give you the strength to have a good attitude. If someone is saying ugly things about you, choose to believe that God will vindicate you.

With all this talk about attitude, perhaps I should stop and explain a little more of the definition of attitude. Attitude is the posture or action that expresses the person represented. Attitude is a position you take to express who you are. Think about that – your attitude is a position or posture that you take which expresses who you are on the inside. That alone should cause you to want to have a good attitude.

The Bible talks about bad attitudes a lot, especially in Psalms and Proverbs; it calls bad attitudes a haughty attitude. Have you ever had someone respond to you haughtily? Probably, we all have. The Bible says that this attitude goes just before destruction. It’s only a humble attitude that God rewards. To have a humble attitude takes a heart change. You should respond to questions in humility not haughtiness. You should respond to people in humility not haughtiness – if you choose haughtiness, you choose death. And God says destruction will follow.

What’s in your heart? How do you appear to others? More times than not, the way you are perceived by others is a direct reflection of what’s in your heart.
Do you want God to bless you? Do you want to be exalted? Then refuse to have a haughty heart and bad attitude. Ask God to work humility into your heart – choose life.

Along these same lines, something occurred the other day that I would like to share with you – hoping it will cause you to think about how you appear to others. Why? Because we are supposed to be a direct reflection of the King of Kings, the Lord of Glory.

A man came into our offices to put down some new carpet. It was obvious when he first came in that he wasn’t a Christian. When I exclaimed, ‘Praise the Lord’ at one point, he asked what this place was, so I told him it was a ministry. Then he began to talk to me. He talked about how Christians that he knew appeared to be the most miserable and unhappy people he came across and he wanted nothing to do with that lifestyle. He seemed to be a very jolly guy. He further shared with me how he was putting carpet in a church, day after day the pastor came through looking as if he were mad at the world, so he asked that pastor, ‘what makes a happy Christian?’ The pastor replied, ‘I have no idea.’

This was the saddest thing I had heard in a while. What makes a happy Christian? How are we appearing to the world? Do they want nothing to do with God because we are a direct reflection of Him? How sad. Now, I know for some people it’s an excuse. But even I have gone to conventions and looked around at people’s countenance and been shocked at how tired and depressed they appeared when they were serving an Almighty God. This should not be.

We reflect God. We reflect Jesus. We should appear to have more joy, more peace, and more assurance than anyone else. Right? So, do me a favor this week, check your face, check your reactions, check your words, and check your attitude. Take a good honest look at yourself, your reactions, and your face and make sure that you are representing God in the way He deserves to be represented. Shine, like He shines. Have joy, like He has joy. A merry heart is good medicine – take a dose this week. Let people see God in you. Remember, attitudes are contagious. Let them know that it is a pleasure and a joy to serve Him. And in whatever circumstances you find yourself in…choose life…choose a good attitude and your God will exalt you. It’s His promise.