I was standing in my kitchen one morning with plans of spending my day at home in comfy clothes. My plan was simply to be home alone for the day – therefore there seemed to be no reason to apply make-up, do hair and all that wonderful stuff. Actually I had pulled my hair up in a pony tail and was simply comfortable.

I was preparing some fresh vegetables from my aunt’s garden and was excited about how scrumptious this meal would be. After I shucked the corn, I heard the Lord say, ‘when you are done with that, go in the bathroom and get ready…you should always stay ready for anything.’
Naturally I thought ‘ready for what?’ I had no plans to see another human that day, frankly I had no plans at all…but I knew God was showing me a spiritual principle. It reminded me of a dream I had a couple years ago. In this dream this wonderful gathering was about to take place, someone very special was coming and I was running around trying to get ready. But as time approached I found I was not dressed, I had to leave and go get dressed and ready and when I finally made it back, it was too late…the gathering was already over. I took that dream as a warning and have listened carefully when God tells me to ‘get ready.’

That’s what I thought about this particular morning. In the book of Exodus anytime God would physically visit His people they were told to ‘get ready.’ This phrase ‘get ready’ means; to prepare, to make ready, a seasonable time, to receive one’s coming and my favorite…do something. That’s what God was telling me ‘do something.’ Do something, to prepare myself, to make ready for a seasonable time is upon us.

We’ve talked about it for some time – we have heard it prophesied over and over – we are entering into an amazing season in God – I believe it is upon us, at the very door and knocking.

Change is here. It is happening fast, and it is all around us. Many people feel it and many people can’t embrace it. We have seen it throughout history – God shows up, amazing things start happening, some people embrace it and some people are afraid of it.

In the Message Bible in Luke 8:37, we find that Jesus had showed up and was doing incredible miracles…but the people didn’t want Him there…at least not like that. Change had come on the scene, it was all around them.

When these people saw what happened when Jesus showed up they became afraid of the change and said; ‘this is too much change, too fast and we are scared, please leave our area.’ So what happened? Jesus departed.

Do you realize that this is what happens if you can’t embrace the change that comes when God shows up? Jesus will depart and go somewhere where someone is watching and waiting for Him to show up on the scene. For this reason it is vital to welcome and embrace the change…not only that but to prepare for it…do something.

James 2:20 says faith without works is dead. The word ‘works’ means an act, deed or a thing done.’ The word ‘dead’ means inactive, without life, destitute of force or power.’ If God speaks to you to get ready for something and you fail to do something…it will be inactive, without life and destitute of force or power.’ We don’t want that to happen.

It stands to reason that if faith without works is dead then faith with works or with doing something is filled with the life of God and His power.

When God told me to get ready, I got ready. Not because I knew something would happen that very day but because I know the voice of God and if He is telling me to get ready then He wants me to put action to my faith in His word and do something that symbolically says ‘I’m getting ready. I am going to be prepared for whatever God is bringing my way. I will not miss this hour.’ What will you do? Whatever it is…do something.