Don’t Forfeit Your Promise
Everyone faces difficulties; the duration and severity of those times can largely depend on you. They can be temporary or long…depending on what you have set your eyes and heart upon.

If you are a son or daughter of the Most High God, you are a spirit being. That means that you should keep your eyes on things of the spirit, not things of the flesh that are temporary. If you can see it, feel it, touch it, taste it, smell it, then it’s temporary.

Everyone wants to get through those hard times as quickly as possible, no one wants to always be going through tough times. Scripture tells us that there is a way to get through it quickly and unharmed and it has everything to do with focus. Let’s look at Romans 4:13 in the Amplified Bible; For the promise to Abraham or his posterity, that he should inherit the world, did not come through observing the commands of the Law but through the righteousness of faith.

You do not overcome any obstacle by following a list of rules or formulas ~ there is one way to overcome and that is by faith in God. We have to know that the Bible is the only truth and that the things on earth do not belong to the devil – they belong to us. Through the blood of Jesus, it was all purchased for us; the entire kingdom of God belongs to us. In addition to that truth, any trial or difficulty that comes into your life is subject to the kingdom of God.

We are to be a people of faith like our spiritual father, Abraham. We are totally equipped through Jesus to meet the challenge of the day by our faith in God and applying that faith to every situation through the words we speak.

Perhaps your situation seems impossible today, that’s no problem. We serve a God who specializes in the impossible. Though it may seem impossible to you, you must always remember, God often takes us into places that appear much too big for us to arrive at.

Remember in Deuteronomy 7:1, God told the children of Israel that He was taking them into a land where the people who inhabited that land were greater and mightier than the people of God. Imagine that…God says, ‘I am taking you in to inherit this land and the people living there are much bigger, stronger and better warriors than you…now let’s go.’ It sounds like the God I serve, how about you? He loves to take you places that you thought you would never ever be equipped to go. Yet all we have to do is follow His voice, just like the children of Israel did ~ and they conquered and inherited their land, just like God promised they would.

God has empowered us to overcome every seemingly impossible situation. How? By faith in God and speaking the words of faith out of our mouth. You must speak faith to activate it. You have to say what God says. You can’t agree with circumstances with your words if the circumstances are not the way you want them to be…instead, you speak what God says and it will change the circumstances. If you say what the Word of God says every time and over every situation, you will begin to experience victory after victory and you will inherit all your promises from God. However, if you speak words of doubt and fear, you will forfeit your inheritance and promises. Don’t do that!

Don’t forfeit your promise. Don’t quit. Don’t speak doubt and fear. The situation may look impossible, but that is temporary, if you refuse to back off the Word of God and continue to speak faith – the impossible will become possible. All things are possible to him who believes. Nothing is impossible. Absolutely nothing! Remember that. When the enemy tells you it is impossible, tell him – ‘nothing is impossible.’ Believe God.

God desires to take you somewhere that seems impossible to your mind, but with Him, it’s possible. He wants to place you before people you never imagined you would meet, He will make it happen. He wants to open doors and opportunities for you that you couldn’t push open with an army, with Him it only takes a word and those doors swing open, no matter how big they appear. He wants to bless you beyond your imagination and He has the power to do it. He always leads us somewhere that is too big to go on our own…hence, we must trust in Him, all the way. All He needs from you is for you to hear Him, speak what He speaks and walk in your inheritance. It’s an amazing adventure, walking with God, begin today and walk in your inheritance, you will never be the same.