“You have skirted this mountain long enough; turn northward. Deuteronomy 2:3”

Have you ever felt as if you were coming up against the same problems or obstacles all the time? Over and over again you are met with the same challenge? I imagine that is how the children of Israel must have felt, going in the same circle for forty years. What is it that you come up against over and over? Family problems, lack of finances, the same sickness – whatever it is the Word of God has a solution.

I did a word study on a couple words in the book of Deuteronomy. I studied wilderness and Promised Land. I wanted to find out what God was talking about in this scripture – God is telling them, you have been in the wilderness, circling around long enough, now turn and go into your Promised Land. I believe God is speaking this to the entire body of Christ. We’ve been here long enough, let’s turn and walk toward the promises of God today.

The interesting thing in my word study was this; the word wilderness is a Hebrew word rbd and one of its meanings is mouth. It comes from the Hebrew word rbd which means to declare, to command or speak out. What is even more interesting to me is that when I studied the term Promised Land it was the same exact word rbd, again meaning to declare, to command or speak out. I found this very enlightening. We choose to dwell in the wilderness or enter into the promises of God based on one thing – what we are declaring, commanding or speaking out. What keeps us circling the same mountain? Keep in mind, a mountain represents an obstacle, something put in our path to stop us.

Our words keep us circling the same mountain. But Praise God, our words can also bring us out and into the Promised Land. You know, your words are powerful, God created with words, we are empowered to do the same thing. Where you are today is because of the words you have spoken over your life. What are you saying? Are you saying ‘it’s never going to get better’ or ‘I am always broke and always will be,’ if you are – stop it – stop circling the mountain and turn toward the promises and declare ‘my life gets better every day’ and ‘I will never be broke another day of my life, I am overflowing with God’s blessing’ – you will have what you say. Speak words of promise out of your mouth and expect good things – expect your inheritance from God!

Isaiah 62:7 says that we will not hold our peace, nor give God rest until He comes and establishes our declarations and His Word to us! Job 22:28 says that we shall declare a thing and it shall be established and light shall shine on all our ways. Romans 4:17 says that we are to call into being that which was foreordained in heaven, that it would come to pass in the now, in our human experience.

These three scriptures alone should convince you that you create with the words of your mouth. The other day, I found myself in a situation that could have been devastating, I was very upset, then I heard that still, small voice speak to my heart and say ‘don’t say it if you don’t want to see it.’ I got the message loud and clear. From that moment on, I refused to say anything concerning the situation that I didn’t want to see come to pass. Well, it works the same way in the opposite…if you want to see it, say it! And say it and declare it and don’t stop until God establishes it. Give Him no rest, take no rest. Keep saying, keep declaring until you see it!

That reminds me of something interesting that happened with our puppies. During our females’ pregnancy and the birth of the puppies, everyone kept telling us the same thing. Expect one or two to die. Each time we were at the vet and even at the delivery – the vet, nurses and everyone involved would say ‘now you know, you must expect to lose some puppies.’ First they said it would happen at birth, but it didn’t, I stood back there and spoke words of truth over them and they did exactly what we spoke, they lived and did not die. Then they said we should expect to lose one or two when we took them home. But we didn’t – we kept speaking the word. That may sound funny to you, but the Bible says my animals are blessed. What I realized is that you get what you speak, believe and expect. We refused to expect one or two to die – so they didn’t.

Be careful what you speak, believe and expect – for you will surely have it. What are you expecting? The Bible tells us that we will see an expected end, so what are you expecting? You will easily know what you are expecting to be your outcome, how? By what you are saying. By the words of your mouth. The Bible says that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth will speak. Whatever is in your heart will come out of your mouth.

Now let’s go back a moment; remember why it took the children of Israel 40 years to make a 2 week journey? The words of their mouth. Where are you in your journey, in what you are going through right now? Have you been in it for a week, a month, or years? Are you ready to get out? Do you want your circumstances to change quickly or take a few years? The amount of time you walk through a situation is entirely up to you ~ and the words you are speaking and declaring.
Let’s get through the tough times quickly and put them behind us. Get out your Bible, find scriptures to back up what you are asking God for and begin to declare them. Begin to declare that you will give God no rest and you will take no rest until you see your declarations established by God. He is faithful and He is waiting to answer you. What is He waiting on? Your words. Remember the angel told Daniel that he had come for his words ~ it is still the reason God sends all He has to you ~ because of your words. Speak the word and See the Promise.