Let There Be Light

I am told that during the Holidays and at the beginning of a New Year, many people face depression. It seems the suicide rate and crime rate increases at this time as well. I think it’s sad, especially since this is the time we celebrate the birth of Christ and the season we look forward to a New Year.

Many people face depression because they can’t see any hope. I can imagine that would be depressing – to have no hope. I am so thankful every day of my life that I have God in my life, therefore I always have hope. Regardless of how things may appear – I have hope. Regardless of how I feel – I have hope. My hope is anchored in God alone – and that brings me much comfort.

What people are seeing when they can see no hope is a life that is void. Void of happiness, void of joy, void of hope, void of hope that things will ever get any better – they look into darkness, literally.

However, if you are a born-again believer, there is no reason for living a life of void or darkness or hopelessness. Even when everything around you seems dark, there is still hope. Even when there is a void – that void can change – it can become what it was always meant to be. How do I know this?

Because God once stared into darkness. He looked at a place that was void and without life, without light – there was nothing there. However, God didn’t say ‘hmmm…there is no life here, it’s dark and dead, I better keep looking.’ No, instead He spoke into the darkness and commanded light to come – and it did.

This tells me that when there are times in my life that appear dark and void – I can do as God did and speak into the darkness and command light to be – just as He did.

Light came. When light came God was able to clearly see what else needed to be done. And every single thing that needed to be accomplished – was spoken into existence. Not one word failed of anything God said.

You may say ‘well, that’s God, not me.’ Yes, it was God – but all the power that dwells in Him was purchased for you at the cross therefore what you speak in faith and according to the word of God – must obey you – it must come to pass. He has said we will have what we say and He was our example from the beginning.

That same power, it dwells in you, to look out into dark places and command light to come. Once light comes, you are able to see what else needs to come in alignment and you can speak those things as well.

You see, even if you are peering into a dark place there is no reason for alarm or depression. You simply need to go to the word of God and find scriptures to cover your needs – then begin to speak directly to those dark places – command light to come – the light of revelation will give you better insight on how to pray – once light comes, begin to create with your words, just as God did.

Only say what you want to see. That’s so easy to remember – only say what you want to see. Nothing more, nothing less. It took God only 6 days to create an entire world. You were created in His image; you were given all power and authority. If you can believe, all things are possible to you.

Don’t allow another year to go by going through the same old stuff – begin today to change your reality – to create a new reality. You can do that simply with words of faith. Now…light be!