Christ…Our Passover

All throughout the Bible we find specific times when God promises to visit His people. We also find they were times of great blessings, times of open heavens. These times are referred to as feasts of the Lord. Passover is one of those times.

While some do not believe we need to observe these feasts, I disagree. The God I serve is the same God today as yesterday. The feasts that God set in place in the Old Testament are still in place today. 1 Corinthians 5:7-8 tells us that Christ is our Passover and that we should keep the feasts. So we see that celebrating Passover is encouraged even in the New Testament.

During these times of feasts we often find a divine exchange takes place between God and His people. God promises us that as we observe and celebrate His set times, He will visit us in a special way. And when He visits His reward is always with Him.

In my own life, as I have observed these special days I have often experienced times of extreme blessing and wonderful times in the presence of the Lord. It seems to me that during these times, if I choose to seek the Lord, He blesses me in special ways. During these times, if I choose to give offerings as I worship and spend extra time with God; those seeds always seem to produce a greater harvest. I believe it is because it really is a time when the heavens are open and God is visiting His people.

Some of the promises of this feast are found in Exodus 23, let me share them with you; God promises to assign an angel to you and your family, divine protection is promised. God promises that He will be an enemy to your enemy, He will fight for you. God promises that He will give you prosperity; He will bless you in special ways. God will take sickness away from you and your family. God will give you long life. God will give you increase and inheritance. God will declare a special blessing over this year, 2016.

While we can claim any and all of these blessings any day of the year, God, Himself has set this as a time for special blessings and special access to these particular promises.

I have not always observed the feasts of the Lord, I have been walking with God for twenty years and I have just, in the last few years, discovered the significance of these times. Frankly, until I understood the significance of observing the feasts of God, I didn’t fully realize the blessings of this day. Yet it seems as I celebrate these days on purpose and with understanding, I see the same blessings that the Bible talks about manifesting in my own life.

Therefore, this year, celebrate Passover on purpose – celebrate Jesus…after all it is all about Him. He has become your Passover. He has declared, through His blood that the enemy MUST pass by you – He put His own precious blood over the doorposts of your life and declared you covered in the blood of the Lamb…isn’t that reason enough to celebrate.

This year, worship Him, spend time with Him, give a sacrificial offering unto Him – let Him know that you appreciate all He has done for you – let Him know that His precious gift does not go unnoticed – but instead it is celebrated.

Jesus Christ…my Passover… I am ever so grateful!