I Need Jesus

I just have to tell you a story about Brailee, my little granddaughter. Brailee just turned three years old. (when this was originally written…) Brailee talks, of course, however, not all of her words are easily understood. But, you can understand enough to know what she is saying and sometimes all her words are great.

Breanne and I, as you know, serve God with our lives, we love God and love his word. However, we do not have any pictures of Jesus in either of our homes. We have scriptures all over both of our houses but not any pictures of Jesus. And we have never shown Brailee a picture of Jesus.

With all that being said, she is experiencing Jesus over the past week in a way that could only come by the Spirit of God. First, last week, Breanne was driving to work and Brailee yelled ‘MOM, there’s Jesus!’ Breanne said ‘where?’ Brailee pointed out the window and said ‘right there, see him?’ Breanne did not see him but Brailee absolutely did.Brailee

On Saturday, Brailee and Bryson spent the night with me. Late that night, Brailee, for some unknown reason got under my bed and found a print that has been there for three or four years. I keep it there it keep it flat and frankly, I have been meaning to get it re-framed. It is a print I bought about 15 years ago, maybe more. It is of Jesus holding a little girl with brown hair. When I saw the print years ago, it looked just like Breanne…except the eyes on the little girl were blue. But the likeness was striking and I bought it. The glass broke in it about 4 years ago and I have had it put away since then. I had even taken the print to a local artist and he changed the eyes to brown.

So, back to my story. Brailee got under my bed and pulled the print out – I don’t even know how she could reach it, but she did. She said ‘LOOK NANNY, it’s Jesus!’ I thought ‘well, Bre must have shown her a picture of Jesus.’ The following day when Breanne came to get the kids I asked her about it. I said have you ever shown Brailee a picture of Jesus and she told me no and ask me why. I said ‘watch this.’ I called Brailee into the room and laid the print down on the floor. I said ‘Brailee, who is this?’ She said ‘Oh, its Jesus and Brailee.’ Then Brailee did something that stunned us both. She put both hands around the Jesus in the print and kissed him and hugged him. We just looked at each other.

The next few minutes were odd because Brailee was talking really fast and we could not understand what she was saying but every few words we understood she was saying ‘Jesus.’ She was obviously talking to and about Jesus and she was dancing all over the room. She would not stop talking about Jesus to the point that I said ‘okay Brailee, I don’t know what you are saying and you are making Nana nervous with whatever you are saying to Jesus, let’s talk about something else for a minute. The next thing we knew, she threw her little head back and yelled at the top of her lungs…’but I NEED JESUS!’ She continued talking to Jesus and she continued dancing wildly. This little girl had an encounter with a Jesus she knew on sight and it was obvious to everyone here.

Later that evening after they were home, Breanne was working on her computer and it kept freezing on her. Breanne said ‘Brailee, since you are talking to Jesus, I wish you would have him fix this computer.’ Brailee said ‘No, Mom, Jesus is at Nana’s.’ Wow. This kid amazed me.
You know the Bible says in Mark 10:15; if we do not receive the kingdom of God as a little child then we will not enter in. Brailee received the kingdom of God last night…as a little child and she entered in.

Our ministry scripture is found in Isaiah 43:19; Behold I am doing a new thing…do you perceive it?
This scripture is saying; God is doing something new, he is here, on the scene, but will you recognize it? Will you recognize HIM?

That’s what this made me think of with Brailee. I was talking to Deborah and I said ‘I know God is telling us something…’ Deborah said ‘yea, that he is here.’ I knew that was the truth because seconds before she said it I heard the same thing in my spirit. He is here, those who are super sensitive to him are seeing him here. Those who receive the kingdom as a little child, like Brailee and if we receive it as a little child we will see him just as she does. We will have an encounter with him just as she did.DSC_8221

Friends, God is speaking. He is speaking through the weather, through the signs in nature, through the prophets and even through little children. He is here. He is doing a new thing. Will you perceive it? Will you recognize him? Will you recognize his hand in your life? Look him, Jesus is here and he is here for you….please perceive him.