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The other day I was thinking about people who dream big. You can’t think about big dreamers without thinking about Joseph. Joseph was a big dreamer. God gave him big dreams and he had no problem telling all his family about those dreams. Joseph believed those dreams and he was very open about his beliefs.

Who could have ever imagined how the life of this big dreamer would be. First of all, he told his brothers about the dream and they became so angry that they didn’t even want anything to do with Joseph.

The next thing Joseph knew his brothers planned to kill him and would have without the intervention of one of his brothers. Instead they sold him as a slave.

Can you just imagine? God gives you a big dream and shows you what your destiny will be one day and just a few days later you find yourself sold as a slave by your own family. This was really not the way Joseph thought his life would go.

But the blessing of God was on Joseph and no one can change that. Joseph was treated very well and the favor of God remained on him. Things were going well. Then one day, a woman tried to seduce him and he rejected her – he did what was right in the sight of the Lord. You would have thought God would have delivered him, right? Instead, the next place he found himself was in a cold, dark prison.

He must have thought ‘what in the world is going on? God gave me a dream, He showed me what I would become, He showed me my destiny. What is happening? First I am sold as a slave and I keep my integrity through it all – now this?! Here I am in prison, how will I ever see my dream come to pass? How will I ever walk in the destiny I know God showed me?’ Joseph may have thought that – but the Bible says he remained faithful to God. He could have given up on his dream and walked away from God – He could have forgotten about his dream – He could have thought he must have missed God. He could have thought a lot of things.

Through it all – God’s favor was on Joseph and he ended up running the prison. Whatever the enemy tried to do to him – God continually turned it for his good, every single time.

What I want you to see is this; there came a day – although Joseph didn’t know it yet – there came a time when Joseph was just thirty days away from walking in his destiny, from seeing his dream come to pass. It was coming, God knew it was coming – but Joseph had no idea. He was still in prison, prison walls were all he could see. He saw no way out.

Then the day came when he was a week away from seeing his dream come to pass. In just one week, everything would change – God knew it – God had planned it from the foundation of the earth, He knew the time was quickly approaching. But as far a Joseph knew, there was no hope, no change coming – he would die in prison. He had no way of knowing his life would drastically change in a week.

And then the day came when Joseph was just 24 hours away from being the second most powerful man in the country. His life was about to change – everything would be different. In just 24 hours, Joseph would literally see his dream come to pass – just one problem – Joseph had no idea. As far as Joseph knew there was no change around the corner – as far as he knew it was just a dream and he would never see it come to pass – but God knew.

Then the day came – it all changed. His dream came to pass in vivid detail and he was suddenly the second in command – everything God had shown him came to pass – all came to pass. It was sudden to Joseph – he didn’t see the change coming – yet it was coming all the time.

I know God has given you dreams. I know He has shown you the destiny He has for you. I know there are dreams in your heart that you just can’t let go of – God put them there. Did you know that you could be thirty days from seeing those dreams come to pass? Did you realize that it could all be falling into place as you read this and everything, absolutely everything is about to change? Did you realize it could all be different in a day? It was for Joseph and he had no idea it was coming. He simply had a dream.

Don’t let go of your dream. Don’t give it. It will come to pass. You may not see it – you may be like Joseph and see no way out – but if God has given you a dream – it will come to pass. If God has told you things for your destiny – then everything in your life is leading you toward that day – that day when it all comes to pass.

You see, many times things are about to change and we can’t see it. Just like Joseph. But all God told him came to pass. Not one word God spoke to him fell to the ground – all came to pass. The same is happening for you today – you may not see it – but it is all falling into place for you. Your destiny, your dream is coming at you full force – wait for it. Don’t grow weary. Don’t speak against your dream or your destiny. Trust God, He is working it all out for your good and you will see it. Just as Joseph did – you will see it.

If you had looked over Josephs life, you would not have thought his dream was coming to pass the entire time – you would have thought he was someone who thought they heard God but obviously didn’t because nothing but bad things happened in his life, but as Joseph said to his brothers ‘what you meant for harm, God has turned for my good.’ Whatever is going on in your life today – God is using it for your good. He is at work on your behalf causing all your dreams to come to pass. It’s coming – faster than you think! Get ready…change is on the horizon.