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Revelation of the word of God is an incredible gift that God has made available to us. Jesus said in Matthew 13:23 that it has been given to us to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of God. Yet, there have been times in my life when God was trying to show me revelation of a subject and it took me quite a while to ‘get it.’

At times, I would have to study and meditate and pray and dig for the revelation I knew God was trying to show me. But I have never been disappointed, at times when I have had to dig deep for revelation; it has always been a revealed mystery that was a key to what I needed for breakthrough at that time.

Recently, I have come across just a key. For over two years I listened to Bill Winston preach and teach about time and how we have the authority to literally pull things out of the future and into the now. I listened, I prayed, I studied, I meditated and I still could not ‘get it.’ It made sense in my head and I understood the scriptures that confirmed it, but it was just head knowledge and not revealed truth. I knew if I was to ever walk in it, it would have to become revealed truth – so I kept digging.

A couple months ago I was ordering a teaching series from Bill Winston Ministries, while I was placing my order; I began to make conversation with one of his employees. I knew it was an opportunity therefore I said ‘you have set under this ministry for many years, do you understand the bringing things into the now teaching?’ She replied ‘o yes, let me explain it to you.’ And she proceeded to explain it to me. Suddenly, that day, after studying this for over a year, the light came on and I got it.

I kept it in my heart, then just this week I was talking to Wanda and she excitedly told me about a revelation she got while listening to a message by Bill Johnson. She shared what he had said with me and it turns out that it was about bringing things into the now.

I believe like most people, that God has a timing for everything that concerns us – I know the Bible confirms that – however, I also believe that the Bible shows us in several scriptures that there have been times when someone’s faith will cause things to come to pass BEFORE IT IS TIME. I saw this in the word but it took me some time to understand it, let me share this amazing key with you.

I Corinthians 3:21-23 tells us that all things are ours, things present AND things to come. There are things that you are walking in right now that belong to you – and there are things that belong to you that you haven’t yet seen or experienced – they are already yours they are just somewhere in your future. So, how do we get those things to accelerate and come forth, how can we have those things that already belong to us and have them now?

Jesus shows us in John 2:1-11 when Mary asked Him to do something about the wine, or the lack of wine at the wedding. When Mary told Jesus the problem, He responded and said ‘what do you want Me to do, it’s not TIME YET? But that answer didn’t deter Mary one bit – she said ‘do what He says do.’ This put Jesus in a spot – her faith was demanding a miracle before it was time for Him to perform miracles.

The Bible says ‘what we have is determined by our faith.’ Her faith believed Jesus could fix this problem and she couldn’t wait until later – they needed wine now. You know what happened – Jesus turned the water into wine – BEFORE THE SET TIME.

In Mark 7:24-30, a woman approached Jesus to cast the demon out of her daughter. Jesus told her that it wasn’t her time yet – He literally said that He had to take care of God’s children first and then it would be her turn. She refused to settle for that answer and said ‘Yes, Lord, yet even the little dogs under the table eat from the children’s crumbs.’ She was saying ‘yes, but there is enough of Your power for my child too, even if it isn’t time yet.’ Jesus said ‘because of what you have said, it is done.’

Both these passages of scripture prove that we have the ability to use our faith and pull things that belong to us – even if it is in the future – into the now. This is a mystery in the Kingdom of God but it is a mystery that God desires we discover and use. You see, God is not confined to time and space as we are. He is limitless and nothing is impossible with Him. Nothing restrains Him and nothing restrains us if we can only believe.

Then how do we bring things into the now? The same way Mary did and the same way the little girl’s mother did – by what we say. We do as our Father God does – we call things that are not as though they already are. Not as though they are going to be – NO!!! As though they already are. Remember, things present and THINGS TO COME are ours; we only need to call them forth.

So many people pray and continually say ‘God, I know you are going to do this or that.’ As long as you are saying ‘going to do’ you are keeping it in the future. As long as you ask God ‘when?’ you are saying you don’t believe it is done – but according to the word of God, it is already done – it is already yours – you simply have to pull it into the now and you have to do that with your words. Change your words and you will change when you see your promise come to pass.

Stop saying ‘it is coming’ and begin to say ‘it has come.’ Stop saying the people who owe us money are going to pay us and start saying ‘the people who owe us money have paid us now, I pull those payments, paid in full into the now, in Jesus name.’ Stop saying ‘God is going to heal my marriage’ and begin to say ‘God has healed and restored my marriage; it is wonderful, even this day.’ Every time you say something like that you are pulling your promise into the now.

Remember, when you speak, there are ministering angels that come for your words to enforce your words, to enforce the blessing of God in your life and cause Gods will to come to pass – but they are waiting on your words – what directions are you giving God’s angels with your words? Are you calling things done NOW – or are you saying they are going to be done in the future?

God called those things that were not – that were not – as though they were. Are you doing the same thing? If not, TODAY, change your confession and say nothing that goes against what you want to see happen.

I have shared two instances in the Bible with you that prove this is a principle key in God – it is a key that is available for you to use – the decision to use it is entirely up to you. You have the ability and authority to go into the future, with your words, and call those things to come forth, into the now. IF God did it for one other person, He is obligated to do it for you and for me. This is only two instances where He did this – but it is enough to establish it. The Bible says by the mouth of two witnesses every thought is established – this, my friend, is an established key – will you use it? I certainly hope so – everything could be different by this time tomorrow. Use the key.