Go In & Possess

Yesterday during my prayer time, the Lord spoke to me and said ‘tell My people to go in and possess their land.’

In my natural mind, I have a pretty good idea of what that meant. However, I know that generally God has a much deeper thought than I do. Therefore I began to study every word that He had spoken. Let me share some of them with you.

He said ‘go in.’ I thought that ‘in’ meant going in to something. And that is one meaning but in also is defined as ‘on’. When I read that I thought of the scripture in Joshua 1:3 that say ‘where ever the soles of your feet shall tread, that is what I have given you.’

Many people think that if God says possess the land it simply means to say it is theirs. However, this verse says you must tread on the places that you will possess. To tread means to walk upon as we know, but it also means to cause to go – as in to cause anyone on your land to leave it so that you can possess it.

Possess means to have and hold as property, to take one’s possession, to enter into and control firmly, to dominate.

Land is a symbol of whatever you are praying and believing God for. Your land can be financial increase. Your land can be healing. Your land can be a child being saved. Your land can be a restored marriage. Your land can be a job. Your land can be peace of mind or sweet sleep – it is whatever you need it to be.

Now, I broke down all those words to share with you what the Lord is saying to us when He says ‘tell My people to go in and possess their land.’ He is saying ‘Go in to Me and stand on your land, your healing, your prosperity, your restoration and walk upon it, put your feet on it, command every hindrance and enemy to get off your land and lay hold of the possession of it, enter into that land and declare it is your and dominate it.’

It’s time to do as Caleb said in Numbers 13:30. When all the people were afraid and saying ‘no, let’s just stay here, it’s not so bad here and there are giants there’ Caleb was saying ‘be encouraged, it’s okay, we are well able to possess our land, God has said it was ours, let’s take possession of it today.’

That’s what I am saying to you today. I know it may seem impossible. I know it may seem like a lot of work and diligence. But it is well worth it – God has said it was ours, let’s go in and possess it. Let’s stand on our land today and tell every enemy to get off our land, let’s walk upon what belongs to us and take dominion of it and let’s declare it is ours and we refuse to back off it.

I can promise you this – if you don’t possess it in the spirit, you will never walk in it on this earth. The Bible says the violent take it by force and that is how it has to be – the enemy will allow no less. Sure, it is a fight, but it is a battle that has already been won for us at the cross. Our part is so simple. It is as if God has said ‘I have bought you a house, just go get the title.’ We simply have to declare ‘I have come to get my title, God bought me a house and it is mine, hand over my paperwork, I am moving in and taking possession.’

You see, all you have to do is speak the word – just as Jesus did. That’s how we possess things in the spirit – we speak it, declare it and command it to be. In other words, if you are believing God for healing, you would pray something like this.

Father, You said healing is mine, Jesus purchased it at the cross for me, today, I stand in and on that word and I declare with You that healing is mine. I command every hindrance of my healing manifestation to be gone this day. I call forth healing and I declare today that a healed body is part of my land – I possess my land today just as You have told me to – it is mine – I refuse to back off it – I take it as my own. In Jesus name.

God has made it all easy for us – we simply have to go in and get what is already ours – it really couldn’t be much easier than that, could it?