It’s Up To You

I have always believed that in God there are no limits. I have always believed that the altitude we attain in God is totally up to us. I see this truth in scripture and will be sharing some of that scripture with you in this teaching. First I want to share something with you that I learned through an experience that Bryson had recently.

In February Breanne and her family went on a short vacation to Pigeon Forge. They had plans to do tons of stuff with the kids and their days were filled completely. One thing that Bryson did was skydive or as he said, he was able to fly.

Breanne sent me videos all along the way. One night she called and said that Brandon wanted to let Bryson fly but she wasn’t sure because he was so little. I said ‘Bre, Bryson has always said he could fly, I never want him to think he can’t, let him fly.’ So, he flew.

Yesterday Breanne and I went shopping alone for a few hours; she began to talk to me about his flying experience. She was bragging on him and how well he did. She shared with me how the instructors have to be trained for at least six months before they are allowed to teach people to fly. Then she said something profound.

She said the instructor told the people that it was entirely up to them how high they would fly. It was totally dependent on their ability to listen to instruction and obey. If they did those two things they could fly as high as they wanted to.

I know just as this is true in skydiving, it is true in our spiritual life as well.Let me share some scriptures with you:

Isaiah 9:7 – There will be no limits in the wholeness Jesus will bring you. (Message Bible)

Isaiah 9:7 – His government and peace will have unlimited growth. (GW)

Psalm 37:11 – God’s people will enjoy unlimited peace. (GW)

Isaiah 54:13 – Your children shall have unlimited peace. (GW)

As we see, throughout the Bible, we see there are no limits in God – it is entirely up to you how high you fly. THIS I KNOW. The anointing you carry is up to you – you only have to be able to receive instruction and obey – if you do these two things you can fly as high as you choose.

Your finances are also up to you – again, all you have to do is listen and obey and your finances will be whatever you choose them to be. God has given us instruction for prosperity in His word – it is TRUTH – if you receive His instruction and obey His instruction, regardless of what your finances are right now…they can and will change.

I get so many emails about people needing a financial miracle and I know how you feel, I have been there. However, there is a tried and true principle that will change your finances if you will completely and totally obey it.

Years ago I was not making enough money to live on, God instructed me to begin to tithe off what I wanted to make, instead of what I was making. I will tell you that it seemed impossible – but I did it and you know what? God caused the amount of income I was tithing off of to come in each month. It was an amazing way to live.

Another time I wanted a different job, I wanted a job where I worked with the word of God, so that I would have time to spend with God. God led me to sow a seed for that job, it was a big seed to me, but I did, and I have worked with the word of God, having time to spend with God since that seed was sown.

He has a way to change your finances, but they won’t change unless you listen to instruction and obey – I know for a fact, if you listen and obey your finances will change…I have seen it in my own life. Sometimes it takes radical obedience but it will change.

Your anointing limit is up to you. Your financial limit is up to you. Your health limit is up to you. God has done everything He needs to do to make sure all the right resources are available for your success – your part? Listen to instruction and obey.

Friends, I know I am writing this by the Spirit of God today. He wants some things to change in your life, but He needs your cooperation – how high do you choose to fly today? How high do you want to go in anointing? How high do you want to ascend to in your finances? How high do you want to fly today? It is entirely up to you. I believe there is an anointing today to enable you to soar and I pray you soar, higher than you ever imagined…either way…it is entirely up to you.