“The steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord, and He delights in his way.” Psalm 37:23

I often think about Abraham, who knew God so well, and trusted Him so much that he was willing to sacrifice his son when God told him to. And I think of David, a man after God’s own heart, who made many mistakes, yet kept walking with God everyday of his life. And I think about Moses, who saw the burning bush, saw the Red Sea part and so much more. And I think about Adam and Eve…they walked with God in the cool of the day. Can you imagine? The imagination is an amazing thing and yes, I can imagine walking with God in the cool of the day, chatting about what all had taken place and just spending time with my Father. Many people can’t fathom that – and even more wouldn’t daydream about such a thing, but I do.

I think about Jesus and when He walked on the earth, as a man, just like us. He did so many wonderful things in His time on earth. He fed thousands, healed many, raised the dead, caused the blind to see and cast out devils. What’s even more amazing is that He said ‘greater works than these shall you do.’ Who is ‘you’? We are you. You and I.

I love the scripture found in I John 2:6 that says, ‘if you say you abide in Him, you should walk as He walked.’ When I walk into WalMart and see a child with a disease, I think of this scripture. I should be doing exactly what Jesus would do if He saw a child with a disease. I should have the ability to help, I should be able to pray for them and see them recover ~ at least that’s what the Bible says. Walking as He walked, that is my destiny. But to walk, we must first take a step.

Psalms 37:23 says that the steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord. We all know what a step is, we take hundreds daily. The word ordered in this scripture means to establish, to provide for. Have you ever heard that saying ‘where God guides, He provides.’ Or how about this one, ‘God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called.’

Or, I know that plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for a hope and a future, to bring you to an expected end. All throughout scripture, we find God talking about our path or our steps.

My question to you today is. Has He called you to do something that you haven’t yet begun? Have you not taken that first step? The first step is always the hardest. Think about a baby learning to walk. The first step is so wobbly and they generally end up on their bottom a few times before they make it very far, right? Of course they do. But, they keep on trying until they can walk on their own. Why are we adults, so afraid to take a step ~ is it that perhaps we fear we may land on our bottoms a few times?

Okay, well, you know me, I believe in every situation we have two choices, and that belief applies here. Our choices are to keep getting back up and take another step, or sit on our bottoms all day and cry. Can you imagine a four year old still sitting on their bottom because they refuse to try to take a step? Of course not! If babies have it in them, and they come straight from God, if they have it in them to keep trying until they can walk on their own, don’t you think we have the same tenacity in us? What’s the difference between us and babies? Well, babies haven’t been told that they can’t walk, or if they try they may fall down. Instead, we stand with arms out, coaxing them to try, to take just one step and then one more and one more, until they make it safely to our arms. That is the very same thing God is doing with us. He has called us to do something for Him, and we know it, and He is standing there, with arms wide open saying, ‘come on baby, I know you can do it, just take a step, now one more…come on, come to Abba Father, come to Daddy.’

We all have a job to do, something God has called us to. Just like the disciples, we are called of God to fulfill a particular purpose and if we fail to take our step toward our Father something is going to be lacking in the body of Christ.

Remember Peter. Everyone thinks Peter was arrogant and a big mouth, but he was the only one of the disciples who ever walked on water. I have been out in the middle of the ocean in a large boat. The winds were calm when I was out there, but I could not have stepped out of that boat and attempted to walk on water, but Peter did. Peter said, ‘Lord, if that is You, bid me to come to You.’ Jesus simply said ‘come.’ And Peter walked on water. Wow. It’s the same with us today, we are asking, ‘God, if that’s really You, bid me come.’ And He is saying, ‘come.’

What is God calling you and urging you to do today? Perhaps it is as simple as helping a neighbor. Or witnessing to a friend. Or starting a ministry. Or starting a business. Or to give an offering to someone who has fed you spiritually. What ever it is, He is bidding you come. Take that first step.

What was Peter trying to do? He was trying to walk like Jesus walked, and He did. The Bible tells us that we can walk like Jesus walked, but first we must get out of the boat and take that first step.

Close your eyes, imagine your Father, God, standing in front of You, saying, ‘come on, baby, take a step, come toward me, I will catch you if you fall.’ What are you going to do? Sure, you may fall, but He will pick you up, dust you off and set you back on your feet. How many times? As many as it takes. His mercy is new every morning and He is the God of second chances and thirds, and so on. He is ever faithful, if He is calling you, He will equip you and He will not drop you. Trust Him and take that first step and begin to walk into Him. As you do, you will find yourself taking one step, then another, and another, and before you know it, you will be walking just like Jesus walked.