hydrangea500Today my Mom was talking to me about a woman she once worked with. She shared with me how she was always rude and unfriendly when they worked together. She said she was really hard to work with during that time. She went on to tell me that this woman had quit her job and got another position at another business. She said she was a totally different person now. She loves what she is doing and it shows in her demeanor. She said she is now one of the most pleasant people she knows.

As I we talked I said ‘I know someone who was exactly the same way.’ There is this woman who Breanne and I met at a school. She wasn’t friendly at all, frankly, we discussed not even sending the kids there because she was so unpleasant to deal with. This person was in a position of authority and there was no way around her, if the kids attended this particular school you would have to deal with her. We both thought it would not be pleasant.

A couple years passed and Breanne moved back to Dayton and once again visited this particular school.

This woman was still there but she had changed positions. She was now in the position that she had trained for and was educated for. She was a totally different woman to deal with. She was pleasant and friendly and easy to get along with. She was very humble and kind. Breanne and I talked about it and how it must have been that she was in the wrong position. You could tell that this new position brought her peace and tranquility while the previous position kept her stressed constantly.

Jeremiah 29:11 says in the God Translation; ‘I know the plans that I have for you, declares the LORD. They are plans for peace and not disaster, plans to give you a future filled with hope.’

In both stories, these women did not have peace in the positions they were in, however, once they got in the right position, they had peace and tranquility and they are enjoying their life. There is nothing worse than not being where you are supposed to be in God.

It makes me think of Jonah, when he was not in his right position – that was certainly not a fun place to be. We need to be where God wants us to be in order to walk in His blessings.

I have a friend who lives an hour away. She wanted to move back to my town to be closer to family.

One night the Lord gave her a dream, in the dream she was driving over the mountain to come to Dayton and she went off a cliff and was quickly headed toward crashing at the bottom. She said in her dream she exclaimed ‘they will never find me here.’ At first the dream concerned her for her safety, however, after much prayer God showed her that she needed to remain where she was, that her blessings where THERE and not where she was wanting to move to. He said to her ‘your blessings won’t find you there.’ Wow!

It makes me think of Abraham. God told him to sacrifice His son, Isaac. Abraham obeyed. God sent him to a particular mountain to make the sacrifice. It was on THAT particular mountain that God had placed a ram in the thicket. You see, where you position yourself is important. You have to be where God wants you to be, for it is there that you will discover your blessings and your provision and it is there that you will experience peace.

With that being said, both the ladies that I shared with you had to be in the positions that didn’t bring out the best in them for a time, both for different reasons and sometimes that is how it is for a season. I have had to be in places I didn’t really want to be for short seasons in my life, but I continued to seek God and press into Him until He moved me and placed me in my rightful position. If it is that way with you, I pray for you to have peace until God re-positions you. I pray for you to press into Him for your new position but to remain in peace in the transition time. God is faithful and will keep you in peace.

I don’t know where you find yourself today, but if you are not certain that you are in the right position, it is my prayer that GOD HIMSELF will position you this very month. That He will place you in the right position, the one that brings you blessings, peace and provision.