I was talking with a friend on the phone one night. Sharing with her some seemingly small but wonderful things that had happened that week.

I made the statement to her, “I was not expecting these things at all!”

When I made that statement, the Lord spoke to my heart and said, “Then…get your expectation up!!!”

In the Websters 1828 dictionary, expectation is defined as; the act or expecting or looking forward to a future even with at least some reason to believe the event will happen. Expectation differs from hope. Hope originates in desire with little or no ground to believe the desired thing will take place. Expectation is founded on some reasons which render the even probable.

I love that! We have ground to believe…it is the word of God. That is our reason to render our expectation probably. The promises of God. Therefore, we have a blood bought right to expect…not simply hope so…but EXPECT the promises of God to manifest in our life.

As I shared with my friend, I told her I have been confessing scripture about daily blessings coming to me on a daily basis. However, I wasn’t expecting them. Isn’t that sad?!

Now, God has said, “GET YOUR EXPECTATIONS UP!!!”

Psalm 62:5 says; My soul waits only for God, for my expectation is from Him.

I love this scripture in Psalm 40:5; O Lord, our God, no one can compare with You. Such wonderful works and miracles are all found with you! And you think of us all the time with Your countless expressions of love – far exceeding our expectations! (Passion Translation)

That is what God desires to pour out on you and I today; countless expressions of His love, far exceeding our expectations. Isn’t that amazing!?
The Bible says God daily loads us with His benefits? Are you experiencing it? If not, are you expecting to be daily loaded with all His benefits? The Bible says we will receive according to our faith. Do you have faith to believe for daily benefits from God? Are you believing for countless expressions of His love on a daily basis?

I must say, I was not. I was seeing small things that were unexpected. Now that I have been told to get my expectations up…I am doing just that. I am expecting to see His benefits poured out in my life on a daily basis. I am expected to be, as the Bible says, DAILY…LOADED with His benefits. I am expecting that for you as well.

Today, my friend, get your expectation up! WAAAYYYY UP! Up as high as you can get it.

Expect His daily benefits. Expect to be showered every single day with expressions of His love. Expect His blessings to be poured out upon you this week in a mighty way. Expect His promises to be manifest in your life…we have every reason for expectation…we have His word. And He do not lie.

Meditate on this:

Know the importance of the season you are in. Proverbs 10:5

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