One day, I walked to my mailbox today to retrieve my mail. One piece jumped out at me, one small envelope that I remember even today. On the back of this envelope were the words, “God Remembers You.”

My mind went to the days of Noah. As we know, Noah and his family were saved from the judgment that came upon the earth. Why? They belonged to God and were faithful to Him. However, what they went through during the story was anything but pleasant.

First, Noah built the ark that would ultimately be their home for months. Then he had to gather everything God instructed him to gather to supply the ark. Finally, he had to get all the animals as well as his family on board.

Ultimately, they were stuck inside an ark with two of every type of animal on the earth, that could not have been a fun time. Yet, they trusted God. Many days went by. Months and months went by, and they saw nothing but rain and death.

Finally, the Bible says in Genesis 8:1, “Then God remembered Noah.”

What does that mean? Had God forgotten about Noah and his family? No, of course not. It was simply the appointed time for Noah and his family to come out of the ark and live the life God has purposed for them from the beginning of time.

I’m reminded of another time in Bible days when God remembered His people. The children of Israel were in bondage and had been for years. They began to cry out to God for deliverance. The Bible says, “And God remembered His covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.” The next thing we know, God sent a deliverer and brought His children out of bondage. It didn’t happen overnight. Frankly, it seemed to get worse before it got better. However, God heard His people, He remembered His covenant and things began to change.

I don’t know about you, but for me, the past couple years feel like years of bondage. They have not been pleasant years for many. However, God’s people have been and are crying out to Him. More prayer is rising to God than I have ever seen before. God hears the prayers of His people, and He will deliver them.

I believe we are stepping into a season of God remembering His people.

He hasn’t forgotten about us. No! What I mean is God is remembering His covenant with us and He is coming, and His reward is with Him. What is His reward? The fulfillment of His Word. The fulfillment of His promises.

I know many won’t believe this could possibly be true – but look back through the pages of time – God ALWAYS remembered His people. He always delivered those who belonged to Him and when He did, they lived their best life possible.

When He brought the children of Israel out – they came out with plunder. Not only that, but there was not one feeble among them. These were people who had been worked half to death, beaten, and abused, BUT when God remembered them, feebleness left. Lack was a thing of the past. His blessing, provision, healing, and wholeness was part of the plan. When He showed up, all His reward came with Him.

God has not changed. He is remembering His people. He is remembering His covenant and His deliverance is here – the full price was paid at the cross of Jesus Christ. Get ready friends. Expect good things! Expect God to be extravagant with you. May we expect God’s best and may every expectation be fulfilled now in Jesus’ name. According to your faith…may it be unto you.


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